Not long ago, young people dreamt of becoming doctors, engineers, and astronauts. But today, many youngsters want to be social media influencers. And why not? They get to do what they like and also make lots of money in the process. And best of all, they become celebrities with millions of followers.

You can become a powerful influencer on social media if you are good at blogging or vlogging.

Today, many millennials are making a decent living through such activities. All you need are good observation skills and oodles of charisma and confidence.

Depending on your interests, you can decide what kind of influencer you want to be. But the stars have a large say in this. In other words, your zodiac sign will determine where your interests will lie. For example, if you are a blogger whose zodiac sign is Cancer, you may prefer to blog about food and cooking.

Now let us see what type of blogger you are as per your zodiac sign!


Aries is likely to be someone who dictates trends in the world of fashion.
You care a lot about your appearance and are the first to try new things. You are a born leader. So you will find it easy to sway people and impose your opinions on your followers, being the dominating type.


Taurus people are known foodies. You are very sensual and love luxurious things. So you will love to blog about culinary trends and lifestyle products.

You like to write about restaurants, hotels, spas, and anything that pampers the human senses. So, for you, this is like living your dream.


Geminis tend to make excellent fashion and beauty bloggers.

Geminis are good at fashion because they love change and are very creative. In the world of fashion, too, nothing is constant. Trends keep changing, just like the Gemini moods. Besides, Gemini is known for their sense of humor. They can write about anything in an engaging and funny way, which gets them a lot of followers. Since they are lovers of beauty, they are curious about beauty-enhancing products, too.


Cancer is a very nurturing sign, and they like to nurture people physically and emotionally. So they love cooking. They make good cooks and like to share their culinary experiments by posting videos and photographs on Youtube and Instagram.


Leos are likely to be entertainment vloggers as they love to perform for an audience. They are also the kind of people who record every moment of their lives and upload them on social media. They are real drama kings and queens.


Virgo is very interested in health and nutrition. You might want to be a health coach or nutritionist who blogs about organic foods, vegan diets, yoga, and zumba programs. You also love to share recipes on healthy salads and smoothies. You also like to share scientific stuff about ailments and remedies.


Libra loves all things beautiful. You are artistic and creative. You are also in love with love. It is quite possible that you blog about love, romance, and marriage. You could write a wedding blog or do vlogs on fashion and couture as well as make-up. Librans are quite fashionable and take good care of their appearance. Libra is also the sign of marriage. So you would like to write about wedding gowns, floral arrangements, etc. Even honeymoon destinations.


As a Scorpio, you have a deep interest in the occult and supernatural. So you may like to blog about astrology, paranormal encounters, etc. Sex is also a subject close to your heart, so it is possible that you write about sex-related themes. Anything that is weird, bizarre, unusual, etc., captures your imagination. But some Scorpios are very much into spirituality, so they may blog about spiritual matters.


Sagittarius is a fun-loving sign. They love to travel and have adventures. So you may become a travel blogger who loves to explore exotic places and write about them. You love to post pictures about the fun times you have in different places. You also like to vlog about your pets, as Sagi is very fond of animals and usually has many pets, mostly dogs.


You are the ambitious type with clear goals in life. When you are not knee-deep in work, you are dreaming about the high-flying life you are going to lead one day. So your blogs will be about getting ahead in life, and once you have made it to the top, you could be an influencer in the luxury lifestyle segment.

You like to share pictures about your encounters with the movers and shakers of society and especially selfies with important people and celebrities. It’s all about showing the world that you have arrived!


Aquarians are rebels with large hearts. You are always fighting for good causes and underdogs. Being woke is a way of life for you. As the activist type, you want to influence others to become more socially aware and compassionate. So, for you, social media is a platform to raise awareness about social evils and how to fight them.


Pisces is a dreamy and artistic sign. You could be an artist or a photographer. You like to share your unique vision with the world. Your Insta pages will showcase your artworks. In your blogs, you may muse about art or the fantasies that make up your world and that you draw upon to create your magical works of art.