Introduction to Thai Amavasya:

Thai Amavasya is the no moon day in the Tamil Month of Thai, which falls in the English months between January to February. It is of great significance to Tamil culture. Thai Amavasai is especially observed to offer a remembrance for the departed souls. This day is also observed for the better life and blessings of siblings, parents and other relatives. Tamil people everywhere across the globe would observe this day with great significance to submit their prayers and to perform various rituals for the departed souls to rest.

The Importance of Thai Amavasai:

New moon days are known as Amavasai. They are exceptionally promising to connect with the ancestors and look for their benevolence. Particularly, Thai Amavasai is an extraordinary day and will be the most advantageous occasions to reach ancestors. Either not fulfilling the prayers or partial fulfillment may results in a few blockages throughout everyday life and results in a curse in the form of Pitru Dosha. Thai Amavasai is an important event, not only to gain enormous blessings but to appease them by for our better lives and prosperity.

The Power of Ancestors:

It is believed in Hindu Tradition, that the departed souls of Ancestors reach Pitru Loka. The soul of the ancestors gains several mystical powers, which significantly influence our lives. To invoke the blessings of ancestors, and to make their soul gain enormous tranquility, prayers and other rituals are performed. Departed souls of the ancestors also would wish to bless their descendants. Gaining those benevolent blessings and powers would benefit the family to have a peaceful and prosperous life.

Importance of Shradh and Tarpan:

Shradh Ceremony is a sacred ritual, where the ancestors were given food, drink and special prayers are made for their peace. Once leaving the earth, the departed souls reach the “Pitruloka” and live there for a specific period in their astral bodies. In this state, they only depend upon the offerings of their descendants made in the earth for them to sustain. Performing the Shradh Ceremony regularly can supply them the nourishment they need to live in the Pitruloka. Any defaults in this regard would invite Pitru Dosh.

Thai Amavasai

Where to Perform the Shradh ceremonies:

Shradh Ceremonies can be performed literally anywhere which is clean and maintained in a traditional way to accommodate ceremonies. Learned and experienced pundits would guide to perform all the rituals. Rivers and banks of the rivers are considered very sacred. Pilgrim sites and special temple assigned to perform last rites are highly appropriate. Especially, it is highly auspicious to perform the Shradh ceremonies at pilgrim sites and in the banks of holy rivers and water bodies earmarked for this purpose.

Benefits of performing Shradh Ceremonies:

Performing Tarpanam or the shradh ceremony to the ancestors on the day of Thai Amavasai will bestow immense benefits to the individuals and the family

  • All the issues related to relationships, wealth and health shall be resolved. The Pitru Dosh in the horoscope can be remedied
  • The blessings of the ancestors can be received for peace and longevity
  • The ancestors can be freed from their curse to continue with their subsequent lives
  • Negative effects, unwanted desires can be curbed and the kids in the family shall benefit abundantly