Attributes of Leo Moon Sign

Leo is the 5th sign of the natural zodiac and represents power and majesty. Leo is a Latin word, meaning, the Lion, the king of the forest and this is the symbol of Leo, too. Very rightly, these people are born leaders. Sun is their key planet, and Fire is their element, and all these make them high energy individuals and very masculine, who are always rearing for action.

Leo people are generally strong, determined, courageous, independent, commanding, warm, generous and authoritative. They are also ambitious, action-oriented, gracious, and have a good sense of perception, but are power-loving. All these qualities bestow them with immense abilities for commanding and leading. These regal personalities often go around with an aura of authority around them.

But they have a high opinion about themselves, do remain proud and egoistic, and hence can often turn strong headed and overbearing.

Now, let us try to know something about things like the lucky color, number, and precious stone, which are held lucky for the Leo-born.

Leo Lucky Color

The colors that are regarded as most suitable for the people born in Leo are golden color, red, orange, cream, and yellow. It is said that these colors can restore balance to the negative Chakras, the power centers in their lives, while also boosting the positive energies in their aura. Hence, people can utilize these colors sensibly, in their houses and offices, in furniture and vehicles, and also in their clothes, so that they can draw benefits from these hues to the maximum.

Leo Lucky Numbers

Leo Lucky Number

The Leos can consider the numbers 1, 5 and 9, along with all the double-digit numbers whose digits add up to these numerals, as their lucky numbers. These are regarded as the numbers for authority and leadership and can improve their strength of purpose so that people can reach their goals and achieve objectives. The Leo-born can hence, do important activities and start new projects on any of these dates, and also utilize these as their door or vehicle numbers, etc.

Leo Lucky Stone

Leo Lucky Stone

The precious stones that are considered the right ones for the Leos are Ruby and Amber. These auspicious ones, it is believed, can clear conflicting emotions like anger and aggression, and bestow patience and peace on people. Hence, they can make it a point to have jewels like rings and necklaces made of these stones and wear them as much as possible, so that their minds become calm and achieve a sense of balance.

Accruing Benefits

Using these lucky colors, numbers, and stones, it is believed, can help the people with Leo as their zodiac sign, get many benefits. These include –

    • People will become more attractive and charming, and so, very appealing
    • They will get a lot of courage and power, and this can make them well-respected leaders
    • They may also become more loving, compassionate and caring, and turn intimate with loved ones
    • Their energy Chakras may get well-balanced and filled with positivity

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