Attributes of Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac, and the people born in this sign have tenacity and empathy, as their essential qualities. Cancer, the Latin term, refers to a Crab, and that also remains as their symbol. The crab is well-known for its persistence, and it will also retreat into its shell when the need arises. The Cancer-born too have similar dogged determination, and are temperamental, exhibiting withdrawal symptoms when not in the mood. The Moon is their key planet, which indicates mind, and hence these people have strong feelings and are sensitive by nature. Cancer is also a water sign, denoting emotions.

Cancers are soft, mild-mannered, sympathetic, caring, persuasive, reliable, and can hold fast or stick to something with a calm determination. They have the inherent ability to understand even complex philosophical concepts, and can perform activities like meditation with ease. They stand rooted firmly in close family ties, and relationships wield a strong influence in shaping their personalities. However, their temperamental nature can make them sink into pessimism, at times.

Having known this much on the sign and those born in them, let us try to understand in brief about their lucky color, number, and precious stone.

Cancer Lucky Color

Water is the element that lords over Cancer, and so, colors like blue and silver are regarded as the ideal ones for those born in that sign. Blue is an exceptional color. With the sea and the sky being blue, this color denotes vast expanse and can indicate great achievement. Hence these colors, it is believed, can enhance the inherent abilities and positive energies, and enable people to achieve immense success. So, the Cancer-born can have their homes, places of work, things they use, etc. painted in these colors and get the advantage out of them.

Cancer Lucky Numbers

Cancer Lucky Number

The numbers that are believed to be favorable for the Cancer-people are 2 and 9, and also, all two-digit numbers that sum up to these numbers, like 11, 18, etc. They can try to use these numbers in all their important and auspicious activities, and also as their residential or vehicle numbers, to the extent possible. There is a belief that the tasks or ventures that are begun on these number-dates can turn out to be favorable and successful. These apart, the numbers can also promote self-confidence in the individuals and enhance their mental strength.

Cancer Lucky Stone

Cancer Lucky Stone

The lucky stone for the Cancers is Blue Sapphire. It is believed that this precious stone can absorb the rays that emanate from the planets and make them flow into the physical bodies, and that this can bless people with many beneficial aspects. Hence, wearing Blue sapphire in rings or necklaces or as any other jewelry can help people to acquire health, wealth, worldly comforts and good fortune.

Accruing Benefits

There is a strong belief that the Cancer-born can get the following advantages, if they start using these lucky colors, numbers, and stones, regularly in their lives –

  • Their energy Chakras, the power centers present all over the bodies can get a right balance
  • The charm of the aura surrounding these people can improve appreciably
  • There can be handsome material comforts, luxuries, and pleasures
  • Their leadership qualities can become quite visible

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