An English dictum says, “Work well started, is half the task done”. It works the same for marriages too. The success of the marriage is vested on multiple factors, which begins with the auspicious time, the couple ties the knot. The favorable planetary position, which suits both their birth time is noted, and the marriage is performed at that time. Many people consider Akshaya Tritiya, as one of the favorable time to perform marriages, as the entire day is considered auspicious. This year it falls on 28th April. According to the Luni-Solar calendar, it is the third bright phase.

Akshaya Tritiya 2020 is a favorable day where it is believed as the day of spirited beginning, which enhances the wealth, happiness, and positivity. It is a good time to initiate a spiritual quest, as humans are always in the want of achieving higher spiritual pedestal.

Remedies For Delayed Marriages On Akshaya Tritiya

Things to do on Akshaya Tritiya:

Many people would devote this day for spiritual pursuits, by performing Puja. Doing charity, donation or indulging in philanthropy would benefit multifold. Purchasing a new vehicle, house, land, and gold would bring newer prospects of prosperity. The purchase of gold is gaining a great significance, as it is seen as the form of the Goddess Lakshmi. She is sure to bring prosperity and opulence in the lives.

Marriages on Akshaya Tritiya:

People encountering Kundli mismatch, and couples having delayed marriages would prefer this day of Akshaya Tritiya. When the entire day is auspicious, there is no requirement to look for an auspicious time to conduct the ceremony. Astrologically, this time would be recommended by several astrologers.


The astrologers always check the seventh house of the birth chart. It is dedicated to marriage, and if any of these planets occupy an unfavorable position, it would cause delays in the marriages. Astrologers would suggest doing remedial rituals, that would benefit a person.

The ritual commences by holding the coconut in both hands. Praying to their favorite deity is important. The priest would then say the Gotra of a person and circumambulate a holy banyan tree seven times. This is believed to negate the unwarranted effects of the planets.

It is important to donate a mud pot to Lord Shiva’s temple. Many people would conduct a ‘Rudrabhishek’, a special prayer dedicated to evoking the grace of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is essential to consult the astrologer, to find the planet which sits on the seventh house of the natal chart, and perform remedial Puja to that particular plane to appease them.


Happiness is the pursuit of every human. When God bestows some favorable days, it is important to utilize that and lead a full life of happiness, and beneficial to other humans too. Days like Akshaya Tritiya has a lot of benefits, and people have now understood the importance of this day. Not only for marriage, but this day it is also good to do charity, and to help people. As true happiness and blessings are always gained by doing good deeds, where God also blesses graciously. Helping others would cleanse the bad Karma, and strengthen the ties between the couple.