Attributes of Scorpio Moon Sign

Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign, and to put it straight, this represents immense power. The Latin word Scorpio means Scorpion, and that remains their symbol too. The warrior planet Mars rules this sign, and that gives the Scorpios strong determination and courage. Water is their element, pointing to emotions.

The Scorpio people have a magnetic charm about them, are somewhat mysterious by nature and have a steely will. They are masters of the self, confident, intense, dynamic, dominating, and passionate. They are also intelligent, imaginative, and sensitive, and often, not-so-easy to understand.
They may, at times, find it difficult to control their emotions and may become jealous, vindictive and even ruthless.

Now, let us try to understand something about the colors, numbers and precious stones, which may prove lucky for the Scorpio-born.

Scorpio Lucky Color

The red planet Mars rules the Scorpio, and that naturally makes Red as their lucky color. In addition, violet too can be regarded as suitable for them. These colors have the potency to provide them with physical, material and psychological benefits, and so, the Scorpio-born can put these to regular use in their daily lives, for gaining a maximum advantage. They can get their homes, and workplaces painted with these colors, and start using vehicles and utility objects colored in these shades. It is believed that this can bestow them with sound health, wealth, peace and tranquility.

Scorpio Lucky Number

Scorpio Lucky Number

The numbers 1, 4, 2 and 7, and all double-digit numbers, whose digits total to these numerals, such as 10, 13, 11, 16, etc, are regarded lucky for the Scorpions. These numbers are power-packed as far as the Scorpios are concerned, and can act as a means of directing them towards success and a promising future. So, it is ideal for them to perform all their significant activities on these number-dates. This can include applying for educational programs or jobs, joining courses or employment, or starting business ventures or performing family functions.

Scorpio Lucky Stone

Scorpio Lucky Stone

Red continues with its close association with the Scorpios even in the domain of precious stones. So, the stones in the same shade, like the Red Coral and Bloodstone, along with Yellow Sapphire are regarded as the favorable stones for the Scorpio people. These, when used effectively, can act as a harbinger good hope, and make them unique and stand out in a group. It will serve their interest well if they start wearing rings or necklaces or jewelry made of these stones as their principal embellishment.

Accruing Benefits

It is believed that the Scorpios can gain in many ways if they can use the above colors, numbers, and stones effectively in their daily lives. Some of these benefits are:

  • People can get comforts and luxuries
  • Their charisma will go up; they may get immense name, fame, and success, and they may rise to an enviable position in the society
  • Some of them can enter the glamour world and make a fruitful career there

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