Attributes of Pisces Moon Sign

Pisces is the 12th, last sign of the zodiac, and it represents dreams. Pisces denotes the Fishes. The two fishes swimming in the opposite directions remain their symbol. This signifies flexibility. The giant and auspicious planet Jupiter is their ruler, indicating thinking and learning. Water is their element, pointing to deep emotions.

Pisces people are sensitive, kind, gentle, generous, charitable, selfless, dignified, trustworthy, and emotional. They are also quite imaginative, artistic, creative, and versatile, and have a strong inclination towards spirituality and practices like meditation. Some of them can possess even psychic abilities. These dreamers are romantics too and have a wavering personality.

But, they can allow themselves to be easily influenced by others, and may typically find it difficult to say ‘no.’ At times, they can also turn escapists and lazy.

Having learned something about Pisces, now let us proceed to know in brief, about their lucky colors, numbers and precious stones.

Pisces Lucky Color

The ‘Fishes’ is the symbol of Pisces, and as a corollary, the Sea Green and Aqua are considered the colors most suitable for the Pisces-born. These are pleasant colors, which they can use in many ways in their lives, like painting their homes or some rooms in it, and offices or some cabins with it. They can also buy vehicles in these shades, make furniture, and buy gadgets in these colors. Through these sensible acts, people will be able to remain in close touch with these favorable colors, and this can increase their attraction and appeal, make them shine, win over friends, and become successful.

Pisces Lucky Numbers

Pisces Lucky Number

3 and 7, and also all the double-digit numbers whose digits add to these numbers, like 12, 16, etc. are regarded as the ones that can work to the advantage of the Pisces people. They can earmark the dates which fall in these numbers for doing all activities that they consider important in life, like joining new courses, starting new endeavors, launching new business ventures, or performing auspicious family functions. This, it is believed, can clear obstacles, and help them to overcome difficulties, achieve goals and fulfill desires.

Pisces Lucky Stone

Pisces Lucky Stone

For the Pisces, the precious stones which can provide good luck are Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral. These stones, it is believed, can work wonders in their psychological plane, firing their imagination, imparting intuitiveness and bestowing them with spiritual wisdom. For obtaining an optimum advantage, people can start wearing these stones on their body, as rings or necklaces or as any other jewelry, so that they can get the benefit of their positive energy.

Accruing Benefits

Putting the above colors, numbers, and stones to good use, can benefit people born in the Pisces zodiac sign in many ways. Some of these advantages are as under –

  • These can attract fame and glory, and fill people’s lives with favorable vibrations
  • These can destroy negativity and bestow positive aura around them
  • They may enjoy sound health, wealth and good fortune
  • They may become strong performers and great achievers, liked and adored by all

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