Kuja Dosha can be best explained as the malefic effects caused by the position of the planet Mars in a person’s natal chart. It is commonly believed that Kuja Dosha causes marital problems and hence, it is of particular importance when marriage alliances are being fixed, a process which involves matching the horoscopes of the bride and the groom. In fact, many people shy away from potential partners who have Kuja Dosha in their horoscopes fearing that trouble and unpleasantness may crop up if the marriage takes place. But there is no need to worry as everything depends on the intensity of the effects. Moreover there are ways to cancel the effects which a good astrologer can recommend.

More about Kuja (Mars)

Kuja or Mars, also called Mangal, is the lord of war. Mars is the planet of aggression which is essential for victory in battle. Kuja natives may have traits like courage, confidence, vitality, etc., and they are warrior-like in temperament. But people, in whose horoscopes Kuja is badly placed, may be aggressive, hot-tempered and argumentative. Obviously such traits are not seen as suitable when it comes to marital relationships, where an ability to compromise and adjust is required for peace and harmony in conjugal life. He is also identified with Lord Kartikeyan or Muruga, the six-faced god of war, who is one of the two sons of Lord Shiva and Parvati. It was Kartikeyan who freed the devas from the tyranny of the demon Taraka who was terrorizing them. So Kuja represents traits strength, valor and protection. The word kuja also means ‘burning coal’, ‘fair person’ and ‘son of earth’ – ku meaning ‘earth’ and jha meaning ‘birth’. Kuja is the protector of dharma. He has six faces as he was raised by six Krittika star mothers. For this reason, he is also called Shanmukha.

Some common misconceptions about Kuja Dosha

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about Kuja Dosha is that a person born on Tuesday is dominated by Kuja. But this is far from the truth. The ill effects of Kuja are considerably mitigated when Kuja is in his own house or in an exalted position. But what creates fear and terror in the minds of people is that the spouse of a person with a badly placed Kuja in his/her natal chart has the shadow of death hovering over his/her life. Only in cases where the planet is severely afflicted this is a possibility. Besides, other factors also play a role. If in all other respects, the horoscope is good, the bad effects may not be severe.


Unfavorable Position of Kuja and Its Consequences

Depending on the position of Kuja in the natal chart, there will be varied consequences and implications for the native.

  • Kuja in the first house – the native may have a quarrelsome nature and may tend to dominate others. Even small things annoy them.
  • Kuja in the second house – the native may tend to speak harshly.
  • Kuja in the fourth house – the native may be emotionally aggressive and may experience job losses or change jobs often.
  • Kuja in the fifth house – in the case of females, it can cause abortions, miscarriages and diseases of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc., and they may have to undergo surgery for such problems.
  • Kuja in the seventh house – the native will possess great energy but may not get along well with family members.
  • Kuja in the eighth house – the native’s spouse may meet with an untimely death.
  • Kuja in the twelfth house – the native will suffer monetary reverses, have many enemies and anger issues.

After the native’s 28th year, the bad effects may become lessened.

Death of Spouse with Afflicted Kuja

Parasara’s Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra says that Kuja in the Lagna, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses, lacking any aspect or conjunction of benign planets, is a more or less sure indicator of the spouse’s early death. But this Dosha is absent when Kuja has an aspect of a benefit or is conjunct with a benefit. There is another exception to this kind of Kuja Dosha. When a woman who has Kuja Dosha marries a man with the same problem, the Dosha gets cancelled.

Remedies for Kuja Dosha

Those with severe Kuja Dosha can marry someone who suffers from the same problem. Worshipping Lord Hanuman daily and reciting the Hanuman Chalisa regularly gives some benefits. Such natives can visit the Hanuman temple on Tuesdays. An idol of Kesariya Ganapati should be kept in the puja room and worshipped daily. Some other remedies include:

Visiting Lord Subramanya Swamy’s temple

  • Donating red gram tied in red cloth to the temple priest
  • Reciting Subramanya Stotram for seven Thursdays
  • Read Subramanya Ashtakam 7 times daily between 6 am to 7 am, followed by Kuja Dosha Nirvana Sloka 70 times
  • Remedies for Very Serious Affliction

Visit Vaitheeswaran temple in Tamil Nadu

  • Perform Abishekam on Krittika star day or Shasti
  • Feed red colored food items and milk with bread to dogs
  • Offer red fruits and flowers in Subramanya Swamy temples
  • Offer red dress to the temple priest
  • Offer red Kum-Kum to married women on seven Tuesdays
  • Feed cows red dal mixed with jaggery
  • Wear rings studded with pure coral
  • Light diyas for the Kuja idol with red color wicks at the Navagraha temple