We are all spiritual beings, but our spiritual inclinations may differ. It depends on the planets and stars which influence us and our destiny. There are 12 zodiac signs, each ruled by a particular planet and element. The zodiac sign you belong to endows you with certain spiritual gifts. Let us see what they are.


Aries is the infant of the zodiac. Its element is Fire, and its planetary ruler is Mars. Its symbol is the Ram. Aries is bold and fearless. You are blessed with the spiritual gifts of courage and initiative. It gives you the nature of a warrior and a pioneering spirit. Your courage will help you manifest your dreams and be a leader who shows the way to others.


Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, rules Taurus. Its element is Earth. Its symbol is the Bull. Taurus is known for its stability, steadfastness, and grounded nature. These are your innate spiritual gifts. You are deeply connected to the Earth. You have the ability to bring stability and calmness to those around you. You are good at creating an atmosphere of peace and contentment.


Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini. Gemini’s element is Air, and its symbol, the Twins. Your gifts are those of communication, humor, and adaptability. You are a great storyteller and an excellent communicator. Your presence and words bring cheer and joy to those around you. Also, you like to share knowledge. You will be able to thrive in any situation thanks to your flexibility.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and its element is Water. The Crab is its symbol. Sensitive, empathic, and nurturing, Cancer has the gift of emotional intelligence. This helps you to connect deeply with people. Your warmth and affection make others feel loved and cared for.


Leo’s element is Fire, and the planetary ruler is the Sun. Its symbol is the Lion. Leadership, charisma, and creativity are the gifts of your zodiac sign. You shine like the Sun itself, spreading light and warmth wherever you go. You have the power to inspire others and make them want to shine too.


Virgo’s element is Earth, and the planetary ruler is Mercury. The Virgin is its symbol. Virgo has a healing touch and is service-oriented. Many Virgos often work in hospitals. Virgo also has a connection to the 6th house, which signifies health and healing. Virgo always takes care of others. You have an urge to improve people’s lives. You feel fulfilled when you are able to make a difference.


Libra’s element is Air, and its planetary ruler is Venus. Its symbol is a pair of scales. Your spiritual gifts are those of balance and harmony. You try to surround yourself with beauty and try to be just in your dealings. Your diplomacy helps to reduce friction and foster understanding. 


Scorpio’s element is Water, and it is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Its symbol is the Scorpion. Scorpio has the gift of power. You may use this power for good or evil, depending on your nature. If you use it for good, it can transform your life as well as the lives of others. 


The Archer is the symbol of Sagittarius. Its planetary ruler is Jupiter, and the element is Fire. Sagittarians have been given the gift of wisdom and optimism. You like to explore not just physical terrain but also philosophical truths. Use your wisdom to guide people who are lost. You don’t mind taking on more responsibility. You are not afraid of change and tend to embrace opportunities. 


Capricorn’s planetary ruler is Saturn, and its element, Earth. Its symbol is the Goat. Discipline and a strong work ethic are your gifts. Capricorn is a born leader. You have a strong sense of responsibility. You are an inspiration to others as you believe that hard work is its own reward.


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Its symbol is the Water Bearer and element, Air. Aquarius is known for its originality, innovation, and humanitarianism. Your dream is to create a better world. The world you envision is one of equality and fraternity. You have the mind of a visionary and the evangelical spirit of a missionary to make others believe in your vision.


Pisces’ planetary ruler is Jupiter and Neptune. Its element is Water, and its symbol is the Fish. Pisces is blessed with the gifts of intuition and compassion. You are like a sponge, absorbing the feelings of others. You have the power to heal others with your compassion.


When you embrace your spiritual gifts, you grow fully into your power. This enables you to fulfill your purpose in life and align yourself with planetary energies