Gemstones look beautiful that sometimes their mere look makes us wear them. Other than the beauty, they also affect the wearer; hence, a wearer should only wear a gem if the astrologer recommends it.

Gemstones are of different types and are used for different purposes. They are energy healers and protect you from negative vibrations. They are dug deep from the Earth, refined, and purified so they can work rightly for the wearer.

Every person is different, so what gemstones suit one might not suit the other. Hence a person must get their birth chart checked by an astrologer and wear only the suggested stone.

However, you can also have an idea about the ideal gemstone per your zodiac sign. Let’s get to know which zodiac sign should wear which gemstone.



Mars rules Aries, so the gemstone red coral is most suited to these people. This gemstone restores the energy of the wearer and purifies them. The stone has healing properties that replenish the energy and ensures Aries native performs at their best.


Venus controls Taurus, and it is a zodiac sign that is inspired by beauty, food, and love. These natives love luxury and elegance, so there is no doubt that they are suitable for a diamond.

Wearing diamonds is best for Taureans as it boosts their confidence, creativity, and overall talent.


The cosmic twins are controlled by Mercury, the planet of communication and knowledge. These natives might often suffer from overactive intellectual skills, so Emerald suits them best. It helps their thinking and lets them decide better despite their dual nature.


The Moon rules Cancerians; these natives are all about emotions. These emotions can create turmoil sometimes, which might disrupt the flow of their life. Hence Cancerians can calm themselves by wearing a pearl. Pearl helps them control their emotions and provides them with a sense of practicality and stability.


Leos are ambitious people and full of energy. They have the fire inside them, which lets them achieve anything in life. Since Sun is their ruler, they are benefitted from Ruby. This gemstone balances their overall equation of mind, body, and soul.


Mercury, similar to Gemini, also rules Virgo. The Earth sign is practical and searches for perfection in everything they do. This makes them overanalytical toward things and might hamper their mental peace. Hence Virgos should wear Emerald, which lets them relax and bring balance to their inner critic.


Venus, similar to Taurus, also rules Libra. These people also love luxury and want to experience the finest things in life. They are creative and talented, but they might become over-emotional at times and not balance their weighing scale well.

Hence Diamond is the best gemstone for them, bringing them more security and stability while protecting them against being over-emotional.


Scorpios are intense and tend to dive deeper into emotions that might make them stressed soon. This also creates hindrances to their mental peace. The Red gemstone coral will bring them mental stability and help their peace of mind.


These people are ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter feeds their sense of adventure. Yellow sapphire works as a suitable gemstone for them; it lets them have a balance between being a nomad and a workaholic. It brings stability to their thoughts and empowers them to live the best way.


Capricorns are workaholic people who live for their ambition. They believe in working hard, which makes their life stressed at times. They will also get help with a Sapphire, which will let them relax and develop a better balance between personal and professional life.


Aquas prefer to hide their emotions, which might sometimes be secretive. They might not be good at expressing their emotions, leading them to a pessimistic nature. Since Saturn is their ruling planet, the Blue Sapphire will help them. This will give them a charm of positivity and fight all negative thoughts.

12. Pisces

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which makes them spiritual. The water sign is highly intuitive and easily affected by the energies of others. A Yellow Sapphire will help them develop their spiritual beliefs and have a balance between the real and imaginary world.