Marriage, the Institution

Marriage is an intimate partnership, possibly for life, and it is no surprise it evokes much interest in one and all. We are born through relationships and also into them, which continue till our very end. But though relationships form an inseparable part of anyone’s life, the bond of marriage can be something qualitatively different. It is a companionship based on love, affection, understanding, and trust, where 2 individuals, often strangers till that point in time, unite their lives with each other and make some willing compromises to accommodate the partner for the durability of the relationship and their common good.

But this could be too ideal to be true, for so many factors can tell on the quality and longevity of a marriage. Age, education, physical features, financial status, social standing, family background, and expectations from the union mean a lot to the bond and can make or break such a sensitive partnership.

Acknowledging the importance of the institution of marriage and also realizing the storms it might have to weather along its long course, the ancients were particular about joining only those compatible with one another in wedlock. With this objective in view, they took recourse to the ancient system of astrology to assess the levels of affinity between prospective bride and groom before tying them together in the marital relationship.

Marriage Astrology

While astrology remains a valuable predictive mechanism and a powerful tool to foresee the future, it has also become a dependable pointer that can guide us in making all crucial decisions in life. Since marriage is an event of immense significance, astrology plays a vital role in making decisions on traditional marriages. Thus, marriage astrology has developed into a much-believed and consulted astrological system by itself that can provide guidance on all marriage-related issues and answer questions related to the timing of the marriage like – When will I get married?

Astrology operates on the principle that the placement of heavenly bodies at the time of birth of people can decide about the course their lives take, along with their important events, fortunes, misfortunes, joys, sorrows, successes, and failures. Astrology can utilize this time or date of birth to predict a person’s future, including marriage and its timing, which can then be termed, ‘when will I get married astrology by date of birth.’

Horoscope and its Structure

The device used to make astrological calculations and predictions is the birth chart. Also called the horoscope, it is specific to an individual and plots heavenly bodies like the 9 planets as found placed at the moment and place of birth of the person across the 12 zodiac signs in a chart. These 12 signs correspond to the 12 Houses in the horoscope, each of which holds much significance for one or a few of the crucial aspects of life.

It is the study and analysis of this horoscope, designed based on the date and time of birth, that can provide, along with other details, marriage-related particulars, including answers to When will I get married? It can also cover the subject ‘when will I get married astrology by date of birth.’

Marriage Predictions

Planet Venus is known as Kalathra Karaka, which signifies the spouse and marriage. And of the 12 horoscopic Houses, the 7th is Kalathra Sthana, the House of Marriage. So Venus, the 7th House, and their placements, as reflected in the natal chart, naturally play key roles in all marital fortunes and predictions.

Then, the 2nd House denotes wealth, the 4th House stands for family life and happiness, the 5th House indicates romance and love marriage, and the 8th House represents sex life and relationship with the spouse’s family are also studied for finalizing marital bonds.

Along with the type of marriage- arranged or love marriage, its quality and longevity, the astrological study can also speak on the ‘when will I get married astrology by date of birth’ aspect and answer the question, When will I get married?

When Will I Get Married?

‘When will I get married astrology by date of birth’ will have to consider certain aspects of the horoscope to arrive at the timing of the marriage for an individual.

The positioning of the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 9th Houses and their planetary Lords can reveal a person’s marriage timing. Also, the 7th House Lord’s Dasha, the major planetary period, can indicate marriage timing when taken along with the Dashas of the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 9th House Lords.

In addition, when planets Saturn and Jupiter together affect the 7th House or its Lord, it becomes the dual transit, which could be the marriage time of that individual.

Anyone can utilize ‘When will I get married astrology by date of birth’ and know the answer to When Will I Get Married? Besides, people can also use the celebrated Vedic astrological system to unite with suitable partners at the right time in their lives and lead fulfilling, purposeful and happy lives.