Marriage, the Sacred Bond

Marriage is an event that holds immense significance in any individual’s life. It can be defined as a partnership possibly for life, based on mutual love, trust, understanding, and faith between a man and woman. This union of 2 people is as much a union of 2 hearts that binds them together in wedlock for leading a life of companionship within the framework of sharing, intimacy, and ‘give and take.’

Understanding that a successful marriage could be a prerequisite for a fulfilled life, the elders were particular about identifying and bringing together only compatible pairs and joining them in the marital bond, which they held Sacred. And to achieve this objective, they took recourse to the ancient science of astrology to learn about the nature and characteristics of the boy and girl individually, and then assess their level of agreement as partners in life.


The mechanism through which this astrological assessment of compatibility between the prospective bride and groom is done is the birth chart or the horoscope. This chart reflects the placement of celestial bodies in the space above, at the moment and place of birth of an individual. The Nakshatra Matching or Star Matching is a critical element that counts much in this assessment of marital affinity between prospective spouses.

Janma Nakshatra or Birth Star

Vedic astrology defines a Nakshatra as the astronomical unit made up of a star or a star constellation with unique qualities, characteristics, and significance. And Janma Nakshatra, or Birth Star, is the star that rules when a person is born. In other words, the birth star of an individual refers to the star or star constellation in which the planet Moon transits at the time of that person’s birth.

Moon, the closest heavenly body to the earth plays a stellar role in the Indian astrological scheme of things, and the Moon-driven Janma Rasi (the Moon Sign) and Janma Nakshatra or birth star (the Moon-transiting-star at the birth time), are keenly studied in the horoscope matching process.

The Moon is Mano Karaka, the planet signifying the mind. And more than any other aspect, it is the mind that decides who a person truly is. The likes, dislikes, desires, and values are all decided by a person’s mental makeup. While compatibility is a prerequisite for 2 people to lead a harmonious married life of togetherness, it is imperative that their personalities and character traits match or complement one another to achieve such an agreeability at all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and sexual. Horoscope matching, of which Nakshatra Matching or Star Matching that assesses the Nakshatra compatibility is an inalienable part, can look at this aspect critically and enable uniting a congruent pair in the wedlock.

Nakshatra compatibility through Nakshatra Matching or Star Matching

Nakshatra Matching, or Star Matching, is the Nakshatra compatibility assessment and refers to the process of comparing the characteristics of 2 individuals through the comparison of their Janma Nakshatras, or birth stars, for arriving at the level of their agreeability as a pair before uniting them in marriage and making them husband and wife.

Thus, as the Moon signifies the mind and Janma Nakshatra is the star in which this Moon travels when a person is born, Janma Nakshatra, the birth star, can wield tremendous influence on our thinking, emotions, and behavior. Therefore the Nakshatra compatibility, assessed through Nakshatra Matching or Star Matching, becomes an aspect of critical consideration in all traditional horoscope matching systems.

The stars with their unique characteristics cast their influence on those born when they were ruling; hence, the compatibility between 2 stars can well indicate the agreeability between 2 individuals born under their influence. This aspect forms the basis of Nakshatra matching; when the birth stars are found matching, it can be held that the respective persons can also be matching each other, especially from the point of view of marriage. When otherwise, there are strong chances for the pair not making congenial life partners, and a decision about uniting or not uniting them in marriage can be taken accordingly.

Thus, Nakshatra compatibility can translate itself into marital compatibility.

Through their painstaking observation and meticulous study over the ages, our elders have learned about the traits of various stars and have also identified the compatibility levels of different star combinations.

Here, modern technology has blended seamlessly with the traditional astrological system and has made available, the Star Matching Calculators, which can instantly provide particulars on compatibility between any 2 stars.

People can avail of this facility to do the Birth Star Matching and arrive at the affinity between a boy and girl, and plan their marital union accordingly.

This Nakshatra Matching or Star Matching can thus be a guide for a harmonious and long marital partnership.