Is your mane of hair your crowning glory? If it isn’t, are you willing to delve deep into the astrological aspects that can help you unravel the secrets to lustrous, healthy hair? Your hair is a vital part of your appearance and indicates your health. Did you know hair can absorb and radiate energy? You want to look your best, and grooming is an essential part of your day-to-day life. Cutting hair removes waste and negativity and infuses a lot of positive energy into your life!

Suppose you are willing to look deeper into the significance of cutting hair and its consequences based on traditional beliefs. In that case, you will consider the astrological aspects to determine which day is best for cutting your hair.

Astrological Aspects That Are Significant for a Haircut

According to astrology, planets greatly influence your life as each of them has a distinct energy flow and interference. Astrological experts infer that these celestial bodies carry different energies, and choosing specific days based on your zodiac sign can bring favourable results and enhance the growth, strength, beauty, and overall health of your hair. So, zodiac signs and planets ruling specific days can determine the right day and time to cut your hair. Each zodiac sign has traits and a distinctive personality that emerges when it becomes active.

Lunar Phases– The Moon phase is closely linked to hair growth. The Waxing Phase (New Moon to Full Moon) is an ideal period that represents enhanced energy and promotes hair growth by trimming hair and enabling it to grow faster and healthier. The Waning Phase denotes the period from the full moon to the new moon, which is associated with decreasing energy and can lead to weaker hair or slow down hair growth.

Zodiac Signs– All zodiac signs have their attributes, and choosing to cut your hair in a way that aligns with a favourable zodiac sign can help optimize qualities that have a desirable effect on your hair! Each zodiac sign makes a different impact as they have distinct personality traits that can help determine the best days to cut your hair.

Cutting your hair on a day influenced by fire signs can promote vitality and strength. Earth signs promote stability, helping to sustain hair length. Air signs represent communication and are opportune times for a refreshing new haircut or styling your hair. Water signs relate to one’s emotions and expressions, and cutting hair under their influence can help replenish the hair through treatments that can optimize your emotional well-being.

Planets-Planets significantly influence your life from their positions on your birth chart to their movements (transits) throughout the year. They rule each day of the week and bring their distinct energies on that specific day to impact the consequences of cutting their hair on a particular day.

Astrology Helps You Choose the Best Day to Cut Your Hair

Monday– Monday(Somavar) can be considered an ideal day to cut your hair as it is ruled by the Moon (Chandra Deva)with Shiva as the ruling deity and can help enhance activities for most signs on this day. It can be a suitable day to remove negative traits. Expectant mothers, however, need to avoid Mondays as they can impact the psyche of their unborn child.

Tuesday– The fiery Mars (Mangal)governs Tuesdays (Mangalvar) and is associated with Hanuman, who embodies strength and devotion. However, cutting your hair on a Tuesday may prove detrimental as it could reduce your lifespan and enhance confusion.

Wednesday– The day is ruled by Mercury (Buddh) and is an auspicious day that denotes positive outcomes for cleaning and grooming yourself. Cutting your hair can bring good luck to your home. Cleaning and grooming pleases Goddess Lakshmi who can bestow her blessings of wisdom, good fortune and prosperity. It can positively enhance Mercury (Buddh) ‘s influence on your life.

Thursday– The day is ruled by Jupiter and is associated with the worship of Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. However, cutting your hair on this day can bring bad luck and negatively impact your life. It is a sign of disrespecting Goddess Lakshmi and creating adverse effects in your life. Jupiter can also be affected negatively.

Friday– This day is considered very auspicious and is ruled by Venus (Shukra), the Divine Treasurer of Wealth. It is dedicated to an incarnation of Goddess Durga, Goddess Santoshi. The day aligns with your favourable sign and can bring good fortune. Cutting your hair on this day can bring success and glory and enhance your looks, charm and elegance. It enables you to achieve your goals, grow your career, and build relationships.

Saturday– Shani Deva, or Saturn, rules the day. Planning to cut your hair on this day may prove detrimental, as Shani is the planet of karma. It can enhance negative traits and anger Shani Deva, causing misfortune in your life. It will likely divert you from achieving your goals and reduce your opportunity to acquire wealth.

Sunday– The day is ruled by the Sun or Surya Deva. Cutting your hair on this day can bring bad luck. According to the epic Mahabharat, it can lead to loss of wealth and intelligence and cause demolition, destruction, conflicts, and negative influences. Overall, cutting your hair on this day is considered inauspicious.

Cutting your hair on days that hold astrological significance and are auspicious can bring immense benefits for healthier, strong hair with volume and great vitality. So go ahead and choose a favourable day for you and enjoy luxurious, vibrant hair.