This month, all of us receive a great opportunity to worship Lord Vishnu on the auspicious occasion of Utpanna Ekadashi. The evolution of Ekadashi(11th Lunar Day) dates back to the past when one of the influential powers of Lord Vishnu came out while the Lord was in Yoga Nidra, to protect the Supreme power from a demon. Utpanna Ekadashi is also an auspicious day to commence Ekadashi fasting as most people start fasting from this Ekadashi of the year. Observing fast on Utpanna Ekadashi offers to bless us with any justified desire that we come up with. The significance of observing fast on the Utpanna Ekadashi is believed to be that, anyone who observes fast on this special day would be blessed by Lord Vishnu to attain “Salvation” (The divine abode of Lord Vishnu).

On this day, the Moon will be in the star Chitra ruled by Mars in the sign Virgo. Both the star lord Mars and the day lord Moon receive the aspect of Saturn making it a strong combination that enables our vision turn true with righteous actions. The sign Lord Mercury is well placed alongside Jupiter, the lord of Fortunes and the Sun, the illuminant entity. This marks the feature of making our ambitions turn real with Knowledge and effective planning conjoined with dedication. This makes it doubly special to observe Ekadashi fasting to face livelihood challenges and emerge successful in our attempts.

Utpanna Ekadashi precedes the super auspicious Vaikunta Ekadashi. So, it would be an appropriate day (on Utpanna Ekadashi) to start observing fast and involve in pious practices to receive the abundant blessings of Lord Vishnu alongside Goddess Lakshmi.

Mantra to Chant on Utpanna Ekadasi:

Ojasthejo Dyutidhara
Prakaashaatma Prataapanaha
Ruddha Spashtaaksharo Mantraha
Chandraamshur Bhaaskara dhritihi


Salutations to the Lord
Who is an embodiment of strength, dynamism and radiance
Who is bright and brilliant, the manifestation of character
Who is distinctly superior in all fields of excellence, even in words, actions, communication and the auspicious mantras
Who acts as the Moon in offering a feel of comfort and has the splendor of the Sun in him
We bow down at your Holy Lotus Feet

Things to Do On Ekadasi day (11th Moon)

  • Feed Cows.
  • Observe fasting, if your health permits. (Milk and fruits can be consumed)
  • Offer Flowers/ Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu.
  • Do not be harsh on fellow people.
  • Be helpful in whatever manner you can towards others.
  • Donate food to the needy, on the next day of Ekadashi (11th Lunar day)