What is Thai Poosam?

Thai Poosam is a festival celebrated by the Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai which happens during the Gregorian calendar between January and February. This day is dedicated to Lord Muruga, Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This day is regarded as a day of Good vs Evil, as Lord himself has descended from heaven to protect the people of earth. It is celebrated well among the Tamil speaking community across Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and South Africa.

History of Thaipusam

Lord Muruga is the Army Chief of Devas, and is bestowed with enormous powers to It is believed that on this day, Goddess Parvati presented a lance, which is the of Brama Jnanam or absolute knowledge was given to Lord Muruga to help him conquer the demon’s army along with three Asuras Surapadman, Singamugan, and Tarakasura.

The significance of Thai Poosam:

On this day of Thai Poosam, Mother Goddess Parvati bestowed him with this divine weapon to protect all the people, Saints, and Devas. The significance of “Vel” has been portrayed in enormous sacred texts of Hinduism. It is a symbol of light and wisdom was used by Lord Muruga to rid of all the evil forces and to bring peace and balance back to the Heavens and Earth. Lord Muruga himself has fought against the evil forces, which were highly taunting the humans and all the sages across Trilog, or three different universes. The three Asuras are compared to three evil forces of humans like Ego, Attachment, and Hatred. Sacred Vel is a great Amulet and should be meditated towards the symbol for significant results.

How is Thaipusam Celebrated:

Lord Muruga liberates people from their bad karmas, and enriches the lives with enormous positivity in the lives. Thai Poosam is a festival that is marked by acts of penance such as carrying the “kavadi”. Kavadi is a small wooden log, carried on the shoulders, with an arc of decorated wood or cloth piece connecting to either side of the log. The Kavadi is very sacred, and people with special wishes and prayers would carry that to the temple, marking their deep love and faith towards Lord Muruga.

Lots of people would walk to the temple, which is called “Pada Yatra”, meaning a path covered by walk. Before taking the Pada Yatra, they would fast for more than a month. They refrain from taking non-vegetarian food and consume only vegetarian food cooked in the traditional way. Special prayers, bhajans, and chanting of divine couplets are very special and would chant all their way to gain energy. Many people would reach the state of Trans, with heavy music and prayers amidst them. The true devotion becomes multifold, and mass worship helps people to elevate to a newer level of spirituality.


“Paal Kudam”, known as a pot of milk is also carried by the devotees. This milk is further submitted in the divine feet of Lord Muruga. “Abishekam”, or the divine bath is performed on the Lord. People with great challenges in life will pray to god to remove obstacles, once the labyrinth has been cleared, the milk pot is brought as a tribute to Lord Muruga.

“Anna Danam”, or mass feeding is performed, as in Hinduism feeding public is considered to be holy. Many devotees would indulge in the process and volunteer through their service or donate money to be a part of this selfless service. Body piercing by Vel is also carried out. Frantic worshipers would pierce their cheek and tongue. Some people would even pull small chariots, which are pierced in their body with hooks.

Not only at temples, but people also make special prayers at home. Decorating the Lord’s idols or photo frame is considered sacred. Prasads or special feast is also offered to God. Vrat is strictly followed, with just consuming one meal a day along with fruits and milk for the rest of the day is the common procedure.

Thai Poosam across the world:

Tamil people lining across the globe, or settled centuries ago, consider Thai Poosam as a special festival and celebrate it with enormous pomp and glory. Batu Caves just outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has a significant Muruga Temple, which has a statue of Lord Muruga which is more than 140 feet tall. Penang Malaysia is a splendid place where the true faith of lord is highly visible. Singapore, Sri Lanka, Penang also celebrate this festival enormous energy. Thai Poosam is also celebrated in the US, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. This day is marked for its synergy between the people, to amass and show solidarity.

Benefits of celebrating Thaipusam :

The steps towards Lord Muruga are the path to freedom against all odds of life. He showers his divine grace to protect the people and elevate their spiritual life.

  • It is a day of wisdom and enlightenment. People pray on this day to receive knowledge and gain the power of intelligence. In this era, education and knowledge is a great tool to gain enormous prominence and reputation
  • Divine “Vel” is a great amulet. By opening towards Lord Muruga’s Vel, they receive enormous protection against any sort of destruction and evil things Greatly, lord destroys the negative spirits, then opens the broadmindedness to consider all the people as their kith and Kin
  • Special Pooja on this day would bring peace and tranquil in life. People with a difference of opinion with their kith and kin, and are facing challenges due to quarrel should submit themselves before the lord. Lord Muruga would bless the people and help them unite with the family again