Characteristics and Features

Swati Nakshatra natives possess a sweet and soft-spoken nature. They are compassionate and charitable and quite controlled in their passions and desires. Meaning ‘the priest’ or ‘sword’, the symbol for this Nakshatra is coral which denotes strong intuitive and psychic properties, or a young sprout trembling in the wind. The ruling planet for this star is Rahu and the presiding deity, Vayu, the demigod of wind, air, breath and prana. Swati people can ‘bend with the wind’ or be flexible enough to withstand the forces of change. The animal symbol is the male buffalo. It is located in the air sign, Libra.

Swati Nakshatra Male natives

Appearance and Temperament

A curious feature of Swati Nakshatra men is that the under part of their feet will be curved and the ankle risen. Women find them very attractive and their body will be fleshy.

Though a peace loving person, he can be quite stubborn and independent. He neither covets other people’s property nor will he be willing to part with his own. He doesn’t like to be criticized. If he loses his temper, it takes time for him to calm down. Hence he should try to remain composed at all times.

He doesn’t mind helping others as long as his own freedom is not threatened. He is respectful towards everyone. He makes a good friend but a fierce enemy who won’t hesitate to act against those who harm him. His childhood may not be pleasant. Though he may help those close to him at first, he may change his attitude later if they subject him to unwanted criticism.

Education, Profession and Income

He is intelligent and works hard. He may face financial and mental problems until he turns 25, even if he is born in an affluent family. Progress and advancement in career or business will happen only after his 30th year. From his 30th year to his 60th year, he would have a golden period.
Swati males may find work as goldsmiths, drug sellers, actors, dramatists or textile workers. He may also join the armed forces (navy). He could be successful as an astrologer, translator or mechanical engineer.

Family and Relationships

His married life may not be very satisfying though it may not be apparent to outsiders.

Swati Nakshatra


Usually his health will be good. He may be prone to diseases connected with the abdomen, and heart. He may also suffer from piles and arthritis.

Women Born Under Swati Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

She tends to walk very slowly. She has a sympathetic and loving disposition. She may have a very high social position. She is a stickler for following religious rites. Virtuous and truthful, she has many friends. Even her enemies will be drawn to her.

Education, Work and Income

If she is employed, chances are that she will achieve great fame. It is also likely that she may get a job which involves a lot of traveling, even though she is not too fond of traveling.

Family and Relationships

Due to certain reasons, including her family circumstances, she may have to act against her moral beliefs and conscience. Her children will give her satisfaction. Married life may not be happy and they need to choose their partners carefully. Nakshatras like Punarvasu, Chitra and Hasta are ideal, while Rohini and Bharani are incompatible.


She has a weak constitution and may suffer from problems like bronchitis, asthma, breast pain, and issues related to the feet, ankles and uterus.

Famous Swati Nakshatra Personalities

Charlie Chaplin, Mahatma Gandhi, Sigmund Freud, Gloria Steinem, George Harrison, Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton