Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets (they have no physical existence) or Lunar Nodes. In Vedic astrology, they have great importance as they indicate our karmic destiny. The positions of these planets in your birth chart indicates your past life karma and its consequences on your current life. Rahu and Ketu are represented by the head and tail of a snake or dragon, respectively. Both are regarded as malefic planets.

Rahu, the North node, creates illusion and gives us materialistic desires. It also provides fame and represents the IT sector. It has a craving for materialistic things and is never satisfied. It takes Rahu 18 months to transit from one zodiac sign to another. Rahu’s Mahadasha period is 18 years. Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu are the points of intersection where the paths of the Sun and the Moon meet as they move on the celestial sphere. Rahu and Ketu are in retrograde motion always.

Ketu signifies spirituality and liberation (Moksha). Its spiritual vibes also indicate Raj-yoga, which depends on the combination of planets in the horoscope. Thus, the Nodes manifest our joys, sorrows, and troubles in life. Ancient sages called Rahu the diplomat planet and Ketu the seer planet. Both are believed to cause the Solar and Lunar eclipses.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2023

Rahu Ketu transits occur every 18 months. In 2023, Rahu will move from Aries to Pisces, and Ketu will move from Libra to Virgo. This transit will happen on 30th Oct. 2023, and the two planets will be in these signs until May 18, 2025. Rahu-Ketu Transit 2023 is a very special one, as Rahu and Ketu have been moving in the backward direction (retrograde) for 18 years. Some may recall key events that took place in their lives in/around 2005-06.

Rahu and Ketu can have a significant impact on the houses they occupy. This transit is a major event in Nadi Shastra, and it is seen from the Ascendant/Lagna (Rising sign) and not from the Moon.

Let us see the effects of Rahu and Ketu on different Lagnas/Ascendants:

ARIES – Rahu will transit in your 12th house. It can bring sudden and unexpected expenses. Ketu will transit in your 6th house, which may bring success in litigation matters. New enemies are likely to appear on the horizon suddenly.

TAURUS – Rahu will transit in your 11th house. It can bring financial problems. Money may get stuck at times. Ketu will transit over your 5th house. It can cause problems related to kids. You may be overwhelmed by a desire for inner peace and undertake a pilgrimage for this purpose.

GEMINI – Rahu will transit over your 10th house. It can cause some issues at work. Ketu will transit over your 4th house, which may lead to a sudden change in residence. You may get some new ideas for business.

CANCER – Rahu will transit in your 9th house. This can create problems for elders in the family. Ketu will transit over your 3rd house, making you embark on sudden travels to foreign lands. Try to have good relationships with your siblings.

LEO – Rahu will transit over your 8th house, causing debts and pains. Ketu will transit over the 2nd house, and your eating habits may undergo sudden changes. You may be inclined towards intoxicants, so be careful.

VIRGO – Rahu will transit over your 7th house. This can cause marital problems. Ketu will transit over your Lagna, making you highly introvert. This transit could destroy your ego and give you an inclination for spirituality.

LIBRA – Rahu will transit in your 6th house. It can cause illness and problems with hidden foes. Ketu will transit over the 12th house. Hence, you may suffer from bad dreams and insomnia. Try to go on pilgrimages to reduce the ill effects of this transit.

SCORPIO – Rahu will transit over your 5th house. You may fall ill, and there may be a break in your studies. Ketu will transit over the 11th house, bringing sudden gains. Offer help to the needy to reduce the adverse effects.

SAGITTARIUS – Rahu will be in your 4th house. It can cause some problems for your mother. Ketu will be in your 10th house, leading to sudden changes in your workplace. Eligible natives may meet their life partner during this period.

CAPRICORN – Rahu will transit in your 3rd house. It can lead to postponement of travel plans. Ketu will transit in your 9th house, bringing a sudden interest in spirituality. Your bonds with family elders can improve.

AQUARIUS – Rahu will transit in your 2nd house, causing infighting in the family. Ketu will transit in your 8th house, and you may develop pains in the lower extremities. A change in eating habits is likely as you may wish to boost your health.

PISCES – Rahu will transit in your Lagna, bringing a sudden change in looks and attitude. Ketu will transit in your 7th house. This can bring sudden changes in your spouse, family, and house. Do not get into any confrontations with your boss/spouse.

It is also a fact that the placements and aspects of Saturn and Jupiter in your natal chart will have an impact on this transit. Also, your current Dasha can increase or reduce the negative effects of the Rahu-Ketu transit.