Shravana Nakshatra Natives

Characteristics and Features

The Moon rules this planet and the presiding deity is Vishnu. Its symbols include an ear, three footprints in an uneven row, and a trident. It means ‘to hear’. The animal symbol is a female monkey. This is the ‘star of learning’. Shravana natives can bring people together by connecting them to their true life path. They will be famous and wealthy. Shravana natives are good writers and teachers. They may be engaged in service to humanity and hence possess a kind nature. They like travel and may live and study in foreign lands. They are life-long learners and may have a well-stocked library. Sometimes they can be obstinate or tend to gossip. They are very sensitive and may face disillusionments.

Men Born Under Shravana Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

He will have a very attractive physical feature. He won’t be very tall. There might be a mole or some disfiguring mark on his face. Sometimes there will be a black mole beneath his shoulder.

He speaks sweetly and is neat in all he does. He likes his surroundings to be clean and gets annoyed with those who are not neat. He is helpful towards others. He likes to eat good food and makes a good host himself. He believes in God and respects his teachers. Those whom he helps will not return the favor and he may also be deceived. He is not judgmental and has an open mind. His peaceful mien and ability to deal with others ensure that he is well cut out to be a politician. He can attract people with a mere smile. His life will neither reach the heights nor plumb the depths. It will be middling. He will have a great love of learning.

He is good at doling out advice and others will come to him for solving their problems. He is a versatile genius, able to perform different jobs simultaneously. If he is given power and authority, he will do well. Because of his many responsibilities, he will always need money. He is very forgiving even towards his worst enemies.
Education, Income and Profession

There will be many changes in life up to his 30th year. Between 30 and 45 years of age he will achieve overall stability. If he lives beyond 65, there will be great progress in his economic and social circumstances. He may find an aptitude for mechanical or technical work or engineering. He may also be connected with petroleum or oil products.

Shravana Nakshatra Male and Female Characteristics

Family and Personal Relationships

His married life will be very happy. His wife will be a woman with all the qualities he desires. Still he may have affairs with other women.


He may have ear problems, skin disease, eczema, rheumatism, tuberculosis and indigestion.

Women Born Under Shravana Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

Tall and lean, she may have a big head and broad face. She has large teeth with distance between the front teeth. Nose will be prominent. She is charitable and highly religious. She can be quite cunning. But she is sympathetic and generous towards the poor. She is very showy. Though she is adaptable, she is not so with her husband. She will be talkative.

Education, Work and Income

She is a very good dancer and will be interested in various fine arts. Illiterate women will work in the agricultural field. Others may work as typists, clerks or receptionists.

Family and Relationships

Her family will be proud of her but she may have frequent arguments with her husband as she is a perfectionist. She should be more adaptable for a happier conjugal life.


She may have some kind of skin disease. She might have eczema, pus formation, tuberculosis. Mild leprosy is possible as also ear problems.

Famous Shravana Nakshatra Personalities

C. G. Jung, Roseanne, Jessica Lange, Oprah Winfrey, Henry Ford, Muhammad Ali, Charles Manson, Mozart, James Dean