Shatabhisha Nakshatra Characteristics and Features

Shatabhisha literally means ‘the hundred healers’ and also ‘hundred stars’. A king born under this star will be very fortunate. The ruling deity is Varuna, the god of rain and the cosmic waters and its symbols include an ox cart, a circle or round charm. Varuna also gives wisdom and is the god of medicines. Those born under this star will be very courageous, honest, hard-working and ambitious. They are quite independent and desire solitude and privacy. Some might be prone to depression and feel that life is a duty or obligation to others. Rahu is the ruling planet and the animal symbol is a female horse. Sometimes they may be harsh in speech and may have an unstable childhood. Shatabhisha is also called the ‘veiling star’.

Men Born Under Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

He will have a wide forehead, nice eyes, bright face, prominent nose and bulging abdomen. He has a good memory and appears aristocratic. He is devoted to truth and will even lay down his life for it. This causes problems with others when he tries to stick to his principles. His motto is selfless service and he is also a stickler for religious traditions. He has a stubborn nature but quite intelligent and efficient. He is soft-hearted. If someone provokes him he will be quick to anger but it won’t last long. His talk will be instructive.

Education, Income and Profession

Until his 34th year, he will face problems in his career. After that there will be steady progress. Fields like astrology, psychology and the healing arts are very suitable for him. At a young age itself, he will be able to prove his literary talents. He might be highly educated. Many eminent doctors and researchers in medicine are born under this star.


Family and Personal Relationships

He may have to endure many problems from his loved ones but he helps them all without asking anything in return. His brothers will cause him great mental suffering. His father will not benefit him much but he will have his mother’s full support and affection. He may not be able to lead a happy married life and sometimes may remain a bachelor throughout his life. If he does marry, his wife will be a good companion to him.


He may look healthy but the truth is that he cannot tolerate even the most minor illness. He may have urinary diseases, breathing trouble, and diabetes. His fondness for sexual pleasures may expose him to sexually transmitted diseases. He may have illicit affairs with women but keep them a secret from others. He may have problems with his jaws and may suffer from colic. He should avoid exposure to cold weather as it will affect his health.

Women Born Under Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

She will be tall and slim and rather attractive, with an elegant disposition. Her lips will be fleshy and her cheeks, broad. She will have prominent temples and buttocks.

Mostly she will be very calm and composed but on rare occasions she may lose her temper. She is religious and god-fearing. There might be quarrels with family members which will affect her peace of mind. She will have a good memory and has a sympathetic and generous nature. She does things for others selflessly but is often misunderstood even by her own family.

Education, Work and Income

She may prefer science and many female doctors are born in this Nakshatra.

Family and Relationships

She is devoted to her husband but married life may pose many problems and she might have to endure long separation from her husband. Sometimes she may experience widowhood.


Health will pose problems. She may have urinary and uterine disorders, colic and chest pain.

Famous Shatabhisha Nakshatra Personalities

B.V. Raman, Whitney Houston, Michelangelo, Elvis Presley, Robin Williams, J. Edgar Hoover, Sidney Poitier, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ted Kennedy