To existential philosophers, life has no meaning. But the rest of us struggle to make sense out of it. Astrology was probably born when human beings from a distant past realised that the answers about life that they sought were not to be found on earth. So they looked up to the skies with its planets and stars and concluded that they had the power to influence human behaviour. It is believed that astrology began when human beings began to record, measure and predict seasonal changes by referring to astronomical cycles. Evidence of these practices appear as markings on cave walls and bones, as early as 25,000 years ago. Records that have survived from the first dynasty of Mesopotamia (1950-1651 BC) have revealed that astrology existed as an integrated system of knowledge even then. 

 Seven Features of Astrology That Make Everyone Love It

In India, astronomy and astrology developed in tandem. Bhrigu Samhita was the earliest treatise on astrology and it is from the Vedic era. Sage Bhrigu was one of the Saptarishis, the seven sages who were the disciples of the Adiguru, and helped to create the universe. The Samhita, which was written on tree bark supposedly contains five million horoscopes covering all human beings who have lived in the past and will live in the future!

As human beings evolved and entered the Modern Age, astrology lost its luster and came to be viewed as unscientific. But despite the challenges and attacks it faced from rationalists and the scientific community, astrology has managed to survive in almost every corner of the world. Surely, if it had been mere superstition or pseudoscience, this would have been unthinkable. The mere fact that it has managed to thrive even in this time and age both in the Orient and the Occident, testifies to its relevance and validity.

It helps us to know about the future.

Life is unpredictable. This makes it difficult for us to plan for our future. For instance, someone wants to start a business venture. Wouldn’t it be nice if he/she had some assurance that it would succeed? Unknown factors may derail our efforts but astrology can throw light on such questions and help us prepare for such eventualities.

It shows us a better life path

Astrology is not just about knowing the future. It can guide us to a better life. For instance, our past karma is revealed in our birth chart. The better our past karma, the better our present life will be. A good astrologer will be able to explain the karmic baggage we have been born with and suggest suitable remedies to be free of it, too. In this way, we can set right the mistakes of our past life and try to lead a righteous life in the present.

It offers effective remedies for various life problems

Planetary positions in our birth chart reveal the problems we are likely to face in our life. These problems, in turn, stem from our actions in our past life. If we have done bad things, we attract bad karma which is likely to play out in our present life. But all is not lost. Astrology offers powerful remedies to offset the negative consequences of this bad karma.

It reduces anxiety and fear about the future

Thoughts of the future induce fear and anxiety in most people. Fear that we won’t have enough money. Fear of falling ill. Fear of losing loved ones. Fear of failure. Such fears dominate our life and prevent us from living life fully. To a large extent, astrology helps us to confront our fears and overcome them. The known devil is less frightening than the unknown one. When we know what awaits us in the future, we can do what is required to deal with it.

It helps us to find the right life partner

Marriage is a very important event in our life. Money and success can never compensate for good relationships. When we find and wed our soul mate, our life becomes complete. But even the most promising love marriages can end on a bitter note. Here too, astrology can help. Because it can be used to check the marital compatibility of the couple, using their horoscopes, and determine if the odds favor a happy union.

It foretells major world events

Natural calamities, revolutions, assassinations, rise and fall of world leaders, collapse of economies, wars…astrology has the power to predict major events that can shake up the world. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. In a globalized world, something that happens in China may well affect people in America.

It helps us achieve self-realization and understand our life’s purpose

Gautama Buddha was born a prince but he renounced everything and became a spiritual leader. Every life has a purpose but this purpose remains hidden to most of us. As children, we are raised to fulfill parental and societal expectations and we seldom question them. But sometimes we are filled with doubts and questions. “Am I living the life I was meant to live? Am I fulfilling my life’s true purpose?” Astrology can help you find the answers to such questions so that you take the right fork in the road at the right time. Finding our true purpose in life is the first step towards self-realization.