Adi Amavasya or Aadi Amavasya falls on the 31st of July 2019. Amavasya is a new moon day, which falls in the Tamil month of Thai. This day is highly important for doing rituals and Tarpanam. It is highly powerful and contains mystical energy that will elevate the souls of the departed and bring positive energies to the family. There are several benefits in doing Adi Amavasya Tarpanam, which has both scientific reasons, and physiological benefits.

10 Facts about Aadi Amavasya That Will Blow Your MindKnowing the Roots:

It is accepted worldwide that, if a person knows about his history and its merits, it will make his life an enhanced one. Many countries which capture or colonize other countries will first erase the traces of their ancestral information and other identities. This makes it easier to brainwash them and turn the people into their slaves.  While doing Tarpanam, the names of three generations of the forefathers are easily remembered, thereby reminding people of their lineage.

Aadi Amavasya is a Great Day to do Pitru Pooja:

Hindus believe that the body is mortal, and the soul is immortal. Once the life leaves the body, the body is destroyed, and creation and the last rites are performed by the kith and kin. The soul which leaves the body, is a confluence of mind, intelligence and the awareness, which was activated by the body, which it retains in the form of energy and vibrations. The conscience of the deceased is called “Pretha Aatma”, which needs to be fed with positive energies through mantras and sending positive vibrations by feeding them with rice balls and sesame seeds.

This is a Great Day to Receive the Blessings of the Deceased Ancestors:

The elders of the family who left the world will still be able to bless the family abundantly. On the day of Tarpanam it is believed that they get recharged by the prayers, and the food offered to them. Their soul will get energized on this day. They will protect their lineage like an amulet and remove hurdles in the life of the person and the family who constantly do the rituals properly.

Quantum Physics Manifested in Adi Amavasya Ritual:

The science of Quantum physics states that energy is present not only in action but in thoughts. It is the energy which manifests the universe. The rituals are nothing but repeating certain sounds and actions which create positive sounds and vibrations. It is also important that while doing the rituals, one should do them with faith. When people have full faith in their actions, thoughts and the way they speak, the universe simply manifests the same.

It Is A Great Way To Connect To Your Ancestors:

The rituals performed according to the Tarpanam connect one to the ancestors.  Since the ancestors share similar DNA, most of the thoughts and actions of the people align with their ancestors’. It is also proven that families who are regular in their ancestral worship, will receive divine guidance in every pursuit, and they will protect their lineage on earth.

Feel the Power of the Universe:

Energy is prevalent in the universe. It runs the universe and preserves its balance. The rituals will help the people to know about the secrets of the Universe and help them to transform their lives on earth. Thus, vibrations play a major role, which connect the deceased and the living through positive thoughts and constructive ideas, which helps in the growth of an individual.

It Helps to Realign The Inner Energy of a Person:

All humans are controlled by eight chakras of the body which manifests energy. They are the energy centers through which the energy of the cosmos flows through the body. Each chakra has a certain set of influences on the body and create a different set of changes inside the body.  Since it’s a new moon day, the energy from the universe will also be highly powerful. It is important to note that the Tarpanam is performed during the times where the energy from the cosmos could enhance the eight chakras of the body and activate them. This helps in the realignment of the entire body and enhances growth.

Receive More Power From the Temple and Worship:

The temple is the powerhouse of the Lord. It is a place which fills the mind, body and soul with divinity and brings a steady state of mind. For a lot of people temples are not only the abodes of God but the place where every aspect of their life is spun. It is customary to start anything afresh by offering   prayers at the temple. Once their wish is fulfilled, they submit their tributes too. On special days like Aadi Amavasya, the radiation in the temple would be higher, bringing clarity and confidence in a person. Thus, it is important to make a trip to the temple.

It is the time of Positive Transformation:

The power of the New Moon day has been mentioned in many legends and folklore. Along with the transformation in one’s life, Mother Earth also goes through a great transformation. She receives positive radiation from the cosmos and prepares herself for the period in which the next fortnight is visibly the period of growth and prosperity. The waxing period of the moon is a great time to prepare for tests and competitive exams.

Enhance spiritual power within:

It is often believed that whatever is done with piety and grace would bring positivity in life. The purpose of existence is not just to go through the motions of life.  It is important to elevate oneself spiritually and attain salvation. Adi Amavasya is filled with high cosmic energy, which helps people to curb the sins and gather good deeds.


Rituals for remembering departed ancestors are embedded within every culture.  For instance, the Irish and Scottish people remember their departed ancestors on Samhain which falls on November 2. The dead, it is believed, return to earth on this day and hence offerings of food and light are left for them. The same day is celebrated as All Souls Day in Europe’s Catholic countries. In India, we observe Tarpanam for the same purpose. By remembering our dead ancestors, we ensure that our lives will be protected and blessed by them.