Characteristics and Features

The deity of Purvabhadra star is Aja Ekapada, the ‘one-footed goat’ or unicorn related to Rudra, the god of storms. Its symbols include a two-faced man, a sword, and two front legs of a bed. It means ‘former lucky feet’ or ‘feet of a stool or bench’. These people are unique, eccentric and mystical in their nature. They are usually good at earning money. They may be very active and possess a fiery temperament. The animal symbol is a male lion. The natives often have a vision for the future and like to work for the upliftment of humanity. The ruling planet is Jupiter. They refuse to adhere to societal rules and norms. They are very philosophical and original thinkers.

Men Born Under Purvabhadra Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

He may have a lifted ankle of the foot and is of medium size with broad cheeks. He is quite peace loving but may lose his temper on rare occasions. He is very simple and principled. Due to this, he has to suffer a lot as he takes even minor things to heart. He likes good food and eats heartily. He is unbiased in his views. He likes to help the poor. But those whom he helps may reward him with hatred and ingratitude. He gains the respect and confidence of others even if he is financially weak. He is God fearing. While he may be moderately affluent, he prefers to be respected by the public rather than amassing wealth.

Education, Income and Profession

He is intelligent and does well in any job he chooses to do. Those who are government employees can get unexpected gains or promotions from the government. He lives an independent life both socially and financially. The period between 24 and 33 years of age will bring great progress in his life. Some mental tension may be present during this time. The period between 40 years and 54 years of age will be his best period. He does not spend much. He does well in business, banking, government job, or as a teacher, actor or writer, research worker and astrologer or astronomer. Many Purvabhadra born who work for the government may be in the revenue collection department or in departments where cash is transacted.

Family and Personal Relationships

He may not receive fully his mother’s love and affection. It may also be the case that she will be working and hence away from him most of the time. He will take pride in his father. Often the father of the native may be famous and have a sterling character. He could be a well-known name in the field of fine arts, oratory or in the literary field. But even then, the native may have many arguments with his father.



He may suffer from paralysis, acidity and diabetes. There will be problems with the ribs, flanks and soles of the feet.

Women Born Under Purvabhadra Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

She is neither thin nor fat and neither tall nor short. She is beautiful in appearance. She is very honest and sincere. Whatever happens, she will not sacrifice her principles. She is a born leader who can extract work from others. Hence she will do well in positions of power and authority. She is also very optimistic. While she is compassionate, she will not help someone unless she feels that such kindness is actually called for. She is very polite in her behavior.

Education, Work and Income

She will choose to study science or technical subjects. She will do well in jobs like teacher, statistician, and astrologer or research worker.

Family and Relationships

She will be very attached to her husband and have many children. She manages the household well. She will get many benefits from her children.


She suffers from low blood pressure, dropsy or swollen ankles, apoplexy and palpitation, perspiring feet and enlarged liver.

Famous Purvabhadra Nakshatra Personalities

Norman Mailer, Deepak Chopra, Dean Martin, Sri Ramakrishna, Martin Luther King, Hugh Hefner, Albert Einstein