Characteristics and Features

The ruling planet is Venus and the presiding deity of Bharani is Yama, the god of death. It means ‘cherishing, supporting and nurturing’. The symbol is Yoni, the female reproductive organ, and the animal symbol is the elephant. Bharani is the ‘star of restraint’. The native may be restless, arrogant, impatient, vain and a narcissist. Bharani Nakshatra natives are successful in work, virtuous and truthful. They are generally free from diseases and grief.

Men Born Under Bharani Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

He is medium sized, with not much hair, large forehead, shining eyes and beautiful teeth. He has a ruddy complexion, a long neck and face. He has bushy eyebrows.

Many people don’t like the Bharani native though he is pure hearted and does not trouble anybody. He expresses his opinions in a free and forthright manner. He will not try to flatter people and achieve his goals. He won’t act against his conscience. Because of this, he has to face a lot of problems. He may alienate near and dear ones by his attitude on minor things. But if he realizes his mistake, when the opponent makes an overture, he will forgive and forget sincerely.

He can be quite tactless. He is not very obedient and his arrogance may cause problems. Subordination is like death for him. He is not open to advice. He will have good all-around knowledge. He can go deep into any subject. Even though the Bharani native will shine well in public life, he may endure criticism and loss of wealth.

He likes to be in command and will always want to establish supremacy. He will face hurdles and will have to face stiff competition, and failures. His life is full of ups and downs.

He should avoid unnecessary arguments and rivalry. He will fight for certain principles which will cause problems. He likes to spread rumors and waste time. Life will be a mixture of good and bad for him always. He looks after others well but he needs someone to look after him. In the end, those whom he helped and his friends may turn against him. He may not have permanent relationships with anyone.


Education, Income and Profession

After his 33rd year, things will improve overall. He will be good at any type of work, especially administrative job, business, sports, music, art advertisement, automobile or restaurants. He can also be a good surgeon or a judge. He will find success if he does business in tobacco items or cultivates tobacco. Success is assured if he establishes or starts any activity by going east first and also if the place of activity or business is in the eastern side or eastern direction from his house.

Family and Personal Relationships

Marriage may occur in his 27th year. He will experience conjugal bliss. His companion will look after the household well and be well behaved. He will cause the death of his father if he is born in the 1st or 2nd quarter of Bharani Nakshatra. He is prone to making impulsive purchases, so his wife must save money for the future. He loves his family and prefers to be with them all the time.


He pays little attention to his health but won’t suffer from any serious health problems. He may suffer from dental problems, diabetes and severe body pain, afflictions of the brain, high fever, apoplexy, ring worms and malaria. He is a very poor eater. He fears water and he must take care while traveling on water, taking bath in rivers, oceans and ponds. He might have an injury in the forehead and just around the eyes. He will be a chain smoker and should be careful about his lungs.

Women Born Under Bharani Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

She will have a very beautiful figure. Her teeth will be white but irregular in arrangement. She will have an admirable character. Though she respects her elders, she will usually do what she likes. She is bold and impulsive.

Education, Work and Income

She will be economically independent. She will make a good receptionist, guide or sales woman. She will not wait for opportunities but will go out and create them herself. She may also make money from sports activities.

Family and Relationships

Marriage might happen around her 23rd year. She will dominate her partner. While she will have a good relationship with him, she may face trouble from her in-laws. She will be full of praise for her own family. She will obey only a man whom she can admire. If she marries a simple man who is lower in the social hierarchy, she will dominate him. Bharani born females can be aggressive so the partner should be patient and tactful with them to prevent domestic friction.


Her health will be fine though she may suffer from menstrual problems, uterus disorders, anemia and sometimes, tuberculosis.

Famous Bharani Nakshatra Personalities

John Denver, Carlos Castaneda, Joe Pesci, Swami Muktananda, Elton John, C. G. Jung, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Orson Welles, Saddam Hussein