Money Matters

Money remains one of the most fundamental necessities of life. One cannot hope for a decent living on earth, unless one has at least reasonable funds at his command, for meeting the basic needs of himself and family.

Online Astrological Remedies to Improve Financial Status

But there are times when people are unable to make enough money to meet both ends meet, in spite of their best efforts. Even those earning well, are at times, unable to save anything worthwhile, due to some reason or the other.

In such circumstances, instead of giving in to despondency, they can turn to astrology, for solutions. This ancient science can provide some simple remedies which, when observed with faith, can help to tide over the problems and help in improving the financial status.

Astrological Remedies

Here, let us get to know a few such astrological remedies:

  • Lakshmi Devi is the Goddess of wealth. It is traditionally believed that she is the harbinger of all forms of prosperity and that where she resides, there will be immense wealth. So, worshipping this benevolent Goddess can be a sure means of filling your coffers with money and other valuables. It is ideal to start the day with prayers to Lakshmi so that she gets pleased and blesses you with wealth, fertility, and fortune.
  • Lord Vishnu, the supreme God of protection, is the divine consort of Lakshmi. It is only in his heart that this Goddess resides permanently. So, people should offer prayers to Lord Vishnu along with Lakshmi daily, and seek his blessings. Also, Friday is the weekday regarded as auspicious for Lakshmi worship. Every Friday, devotees can offer water to Lord Vishnu using a conch which has an opening in the southern direction. This is believed to please Lakshmi very much as also the Lord and earn their blessings for the devotees
  • Tulsi leaves are sacred for Vishnu worship, and the divine couple is believed to get pleased with the Tulsi offering. People can maintain a Tulsi plant in their houses, tend it carefully, light a traditional ghee-lamp to it every evening, and offer prayers. This can ensure the presence of Goddess Lakshmi in their residence, and fill the house with auspiciousness, wealth, and prosperity
  • Goddess Lakshmi is said to reside in the body of the holy cow. Feeding the cow with green grass especially on Wednesdays can be an effective astrological remedy to overcome all forms of financial troubles
  • Mantras are believed to possess divine powers to cure maladies and bestow benefits. There are a few such mantras dedicated to aspects like poverty alleviation and wealth creation. People can chant the hymns ‘Shree Suktam’ and ‘Mahalakshmi Ashtakam’ daily, preferably 16 times and 11 times, respectively, in this regard. Those under the pressure of debts can recite the hymn ‘Narsimha Lakshmi Karavalamba Stotram’ to get significant relief
  • Kubera is said to be the heavenly banker or the custodian of the celestial treasures. People may keep a Kubera Yantra covered in a red cloth in the pooja room, light a lamp in front, and pray to it every morning. This can get them wealth blessings
  • Charity always pleases the divine. Please make donations of food, money, dress, and other such essential items to the needy, regularly. It is even ideal to reserve a specific portion of your earnings exclusively for charitable purposes, every month. This is sure to make the Gods happy and bring you their blessings, manifold. Donating white cloth or white-colored things is said to please Goddess Lakshmi and get you her special grace
  • North is said to be the direction, Kubera. It is better to place the money chest and the locker containing valuables always in the South or South-Western direction. This will ensure that these will ever face North and open in the Northern direction. It is believed that this can get Kubera’s blessings and keep attracting wealth
  • Women, in general, are held as the personification of Lakshmi Devi. Hence treating them with honor and due respect can earn the goodwill of the Goddess and bless people with wealth and prosperity
  • These apart, there are some ritualistic worships like Archanas at particular temples and specified Homas, done for overcoming monetary constraints and improving the financial condition. People can consult astrologers in this regard and be guided on performing these rituals, which can remain as effective astrological remedies.

Online Astrological Remedies – Astro Speaks Consultations

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