Moles are an aspect of the human body, a fantastic creation, from its self-healing powers to enable insights into one’s personality. Moles are considered to be birthmarks found in a newborn, and sometimes, they tend to develop at a later stage in life.

What do Moles Indicate in Women?

Moles have astrological significance and can be indicators of one’s personality traits and events that may occur in one’s life. Women, in particular, are influenced by the presence of moles in their bodies, which can help them understand their personalities and destinies. Although they give insights, they do not necessarily predict the future. They can, however, shed light on numerous aspects and help people understand life’s journey, each unique.

What Vedic Astrology Reveals about Moles in the Female Body

According to Vedic Astrology, moles can also be called ‘Tilaks’ that have a lucky effect on the individual. Moreover, moles on the female body have specific implications. Mole astrology is a part of Samudra Shastra, written by Sage Samudra, which helps explain the importance of the connection between the human body and personality traits.

Mole astrology also helps understand an individual’s face, aura, and physical traits. The structure and shape of the mole can help you appreciate their positive and negative effects. The ancient scriptures of Samudra Shastra can, by analysing the position and structure of the moles, draw inferences about the individual’s character, progress and joy in life.

According to astrology, moles appear in the body based on the position of the planets, which affect the individual from the time the foetus forms in the female womb. If the planet and zodiac sign impacting your life are feminine, chances are the moles will appear on the left side of your body. Learning about the astrological influences of moles based on their placements, structure, and size in the female body can help reveal the secrets of a woman’s journey in life.

How to Interpret Moles in Different Female Body Parts

·        Waist- Moles on the waist can signify immense wealth and riches. Women who possess moles in this region of their bodies experience a life of abundance, financial prosperity, luxury, and a life of glory. They will achieve success, fame, and recognition in whatever field they choose to make their mark in.

·        Forehead– A mole on the forehead indicates excellent self-confidence and the drive to attain one’s goals and succeed. They gain new heights, be it in career or entrepreneurship, and are pretty unstoppable, rarely facing failure in their efforts. They may occupy high societal positions, be wealthy, and wield much influence.

·        Eyebrows– Women with moles between the eyebrows possess wisdom, luck and good fortune. Moles on the left or right eyebrow have the capacity for financial success but may tend to overspend.

·        Eye– Women with a mole in the eye region are considered fortunate. Being calm in nature and intelligent, they can earn the trust of others. They can also excel in both their careers and their businesses. They are typically married into wealthy and affluent families and rarely experience financial difficulties. They are bestowed with good luck in their life.

·        Ear– The mole on the ear is believed to be very promising. Such women may be intelligent, have luck, and make quick decisions. A mole on both ears can help them lead a comfortable life and easily influence others.

·        Cheeks– Women with a mole on the right side of their faces invariably receive the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, who blesses them with material abundance and prosperity. On the other hand, Samudra Shastra indicates that women with moles on their left cheek can face financial troubles.

·        Upper Lip– Women with a mole on the upper lip have immense attraction and great charisma that can enchant others. Women with moles in these regions can have a life of financial abundance in all spheres and gain life partners blessed with wealth and prosperity.

·        Below Lip– Women who possess moles below the lip are regarded as exceptionally hard-working and persistent in their efforts to succeed. They are well rewarded and are never lacking financial resources. They also gain a lot of attraction among their male counterparts.

·        Chin– Women with a mole on the chin lead trouble-free lives and usually never experience a lack of financial and material resources. They lead a life of abundance, comfort and contentment. They do not undergo hardships or struggles to survive in life.

·        Neck– A mole on the neck for a woman indicates her patience and understanding nature. They are believed to possess high intelligence levels and can work diligently to achieve their goals. Such women bring good luck and fortune to their families. They can attract wealth and financial prosperity into their homes.

·        Shoulder– A woman with a mole on her shoulder can have the good fortune to choose a partner with beauty and intelligence. They are cultured and are controlled and gracious in their communication with others. They can acquire luxuries without any effort and with an abundance of wealth.

·        Below Shoulder– According to Samudra Shastra, moles below the shoulder are considered inauspicious as women face many life struggles and adversities. They have to put in tremendous effort, even for small goals. They need to persevere to face and overcome several challenges in life.

·        Back– Women with moles on the back may not want to strive hard to fulfil their goals. They may be laid back and averse to hard work. However, they may possess the capability to achieve success in their endeavours.

·        Feet– Women with moles on their feet can have a wandering spirit. They have a nature that prefers constant change and cannot settle in one place for an extended period.

Moles in a female body can hold great significance in terms of astrology. Their positions may be attributed to positive or negative outcomes, yet their presence can give a glimpse of personality traits and predict some specific events.