It is said ‘clothes define a man’.  Clothing, to a certain extent can reveal something about your origin and culture.  On a deeper level, it can be said that the impact of your thoughts and actions can influence the way you dress, as astrology has a significant connection with the colours of the clothes you wear daily. Clothing serves the purpose of being well-dressed and protected and serves as a sense of identity. Clothes are an indicator of your understanding of fashion and utility and also reflect your personality.

How Does Astrology Impact the Colour of Your Clothes?

However, it may be essential to know that astrology can influence your actions based on the colours of your clothing. Adding the strength of colour to your Moon sign can help enhance your Moon sign. According to Vedic Astrology, every planet has a specific colour and a particular day of the week assigned to it. One of the measures that may serve you well is wearing the colours of a planet that may affect you negatively on its assigned day, which may help ward off its malefic impact. It can help ward off negativity and bring positive energy into your life.

Sometimes, even beneficial planets may be poorly placed in your birth chart. This can be rectified by wearing the colours of the auspicious planet on its assigned day and increasing its powers and positive effects. Staying alert and checking the positive and negative colours daily can bring more positivity into your life and help you make effective decisions, boosting your self-confidence and giving you more clarity and perception.

Colours to Wear on Monday

Monday is a day of worship for Shiva, the Supreme God. Offering white flowers to Shiva is believed to be very promising. Wearing white on this day to venerate Shiva can be very beneficial. The colour white symbolizes purity and gives clarity of thought. Wearing white-coloured clothing can help purify one’s thoughts and actions and create harmony in the surroundings. White also embodies a sense of renewal and enables you to embrace new beginnings. Besides, the Moon God (Chandra Deva) rules Monday, and white is the ideal colour.

Colours to Wear on Tuesday

The fiery planet Mars rules Tuesday, also popularly called the red planet. Tuesday is also associated with worshipping Hanuman, the Supreme God of Shakti and Bhakti, courage and strength. Wearing red clothing can benefit women by resolving any monetary problems and enhancing their financial condition. Red is a fiery colour with great energy, represents passion and determination, and empowers you. It can stimulate inner strength and improve your vitality, boosting your confidence and drive and enabling you to overcome obstacles.

Colours to Wear on Wednesday

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury (Budh). He is closely associated with nature, and wearing his favourite colour, green, can help connect with his energies and sync with the bountiful nature. Green is vibrant and embodies the beauty of nature. Wearing green-coloured clothing can bring much balance and help you harmonize with nature. It can also rejuvenate your spirit and refresh your mind, instilling hope and renewal, helping you refresh your mind and stay focused.

Colours to Wear on Thursday

Thursday is ruled by the most beneficial planet of expansion, Jupiter. It is a day to offer worship to Vishnu, the Supreme Protector. Vishnu’s favourite colour is yellow, which is considered very auspicious. Jupiter is also associated with yellow; hence, wearing this colour can encourage and make the day cheerful and beneficial. Yellow represents optimism and wisdom and uplifts your spirits. It brings joy and enthusiasm into the day and attracts success into your life with positive energy.

Friday is generally considered a very auspicious day and is ruled by the planet Venus (Shukra). It is a day to offer worship to the Warrior Goddess Durga. Wearing white and pink clothing can bring good vibrations and help connect with the Divine energies of the Goddess. It helps foster a soothing grace and represents compassion and understanding. This gentle hue encourages healing, helps resolve conflicts, and nurtures relationships and bonding with loved ones.

Colours to Wear on Saturday

Saturday is a day ruled by Shani Deva, the planet of karma and justice. It is his favourite day, and the colour he is associated with most is black. Wearing black clothing can help gain the favourable blessings of Shani Deva and safeguard them from any negative influences. Black is the colour of grounding and protection, enabling you to face challenges with courage. It can grant inner strength and stability. Accepting the energy of black and its mysterious dark aspect can help you delve deep and explore your inner self.

 Colours to Wear on Sunday

Sunday is ruled by the Sun, Surya Deva. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is revered as the Soul planet. Offering worship to the Sun God is considered auspicious, and clothing in orange can bring positive energy and promote overall well-being. Orange brings enthusiasm, radiant energy, a sense of creativity, and vibrancy that can enhance your zest for life and help you pursue your dreams and goals.

Colours not only enhance beauty and are meant for adornment, but they also have the power to shape our energies. Wearing specific colours each day of the week can bring positivity and prosperity and empower us to navigate life’s journey with grace and tenacity, infusing the day with joy, hope and harmony.