Attributes of Libra Moon Sign

Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac and is denoted by the symbol, the scales of balance. Indeed, it is this sense of balance that Libra truly represents. The Latin word Libra too means the same, the balance or scales. While this indicates equilibrium, the sign’s ruling planet Venus stands for love and desire. They have air as their element, pointing to they being in a constant state of motion and change.

Librans are harmonious beings, with immense sensitivity and a keen sense of beauty, and have fair play as their very identity itself. They are thinkers and intellectuals, who are also wise, level-headed, honest, smart, diplomatic and highly sociable.

But they can also be unsteady and fickle minded and may find decision-making quite tricky at times. They may also be lazy, given to mood swings, and may procrastinate and waste much time in idle pursuits. They may also appear to be quite frank and open, but may indeed be secretive.

Here, let us learn in brief, about the lucky color, number, and precious stone that are regarded as lucky for the Libra people.

Libra Lucky Color

Blue and jade green are considered the right colors for the Librans. These people can hence wear blue or jade green colored-clothes, and also use those colors in their homes, places of work, furniture, vehicles, etc. It is believed that this can improve their intellect, knowledge and administrative skills, while also providing them wisdom. These can also keep the negative energies away and help positivity to surround them.

Libra Lucky Number

Libra Lucky Number

Numbers 5, 6, and 9, and also all the ones, whose digits add up to these numbers, like 14, 15, 18, etc. are the numbers, that are considered as the lucky ones for the Libra people. Wherever possible, they can keep using these numbers for getting beneficial effects in life. Performing auspicious rituals, starting on long distance travels, and doing personal or career-related activities considered important, on these dates can be fruitful and assure them of desired results. Repeated use of these numbers can also bring peace, serenity, and joy in life.

Libra Lucky Stones

Libra Lucky Stone

For people born in the zodiac sign Libra, precious stones like the Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, and Turquoise are considered special. They can wear these in the form of necklaces, rings, pendants or as any other jewelry. It is believed that this can help to improve people’s frame of mind and bring peace and balance in their lives.

Accruing Benefits

By using the lucky colors, numbers, and stones, it is believed that the Librans can reap many benefits. These can be –

  • They can attract wealth, and enjoy comforts and pleasures
  • Lady luck may smile on them and lead to their enjoying respect and fame
  • They may become worldly-wise, and improve their practical knowledge about things that matter
  • Their life may have balance and stability, while they can experience harmony and peace
  • They can surround themselves with beneficial energies

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