Attributes of Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac, and it can be said to denote ambition. The planet which rules Capricorn is the much-feared Saturn. Though slow-moving, it is held as mighty and powerful. Capricorn is a Latin term, which carries the meaning ‘goat-horned.’ Indeed, it is the mountain goat which remains as the Capricorn symbol, indicating perseverance and ambition. Earth is their element, which denotes pragmatism.

Capricorns are disciplined, determined, worldly-wise, aspiring, well-organized, patient, and have a strong sense of duty. They can wait with immense patience for the right time to come, and when it happens, they can act decisively and achieve what they want. They are generally calm and quiet, have a detached frame of mind and are inclined toward practices like meditation. They are also confident, creative, calculative and possess a keen business sense.

But they can also be pessimistic and stubborn, and through democratic and accommodative, can exhibit streaks of cruelty at times.

Here, let us try to know something about the lucky color, number, and precious stone, for suit the Capricorn people, the most.

Capricorn Lucky Color

The color associated with Saturn, the ruler of the zodiac sign Capricorn, is black and hence, the same color black and also indigo, are regarded as the colors most suitable for people born as Capricorns. However, there may not be many, who may hold the color black as lucky. But it has its unique feature, and that is its excellent absorption ability. It is, hence, believed that it could make one see and accept the undeniable truths of life and kindle in him or her, a strong sense of responsibility and ambition.

Capricorn Lucky Numbers

Capricorn Lucky Number

The numbers that can prove fortunate for the Capricorn-born are 6, 8 and 5, and also those that add up to those numbers, like 15, 17, 14 and so on. People can earmark these numbers and use them sensibly wherever possible, in their daily lives. They can also begin all their essential tasks on any of the dates with these numbers. It is believed that this can work to their advantage and improve the possibility of their efforts, succeeding.

Capricorn Lucky Stone

Capricorn Lucky Stone

Their ‘lucky’ black continues to hold its sway in the domain of the precious stones too, and so, black or dark stones are held as the favorable ones for the Capricorn people. These stones can be Black Onyx or Emerald. Having these stones in their necklaces or rings and wearing them, it is believed, can improve their determination and perseverance, and make them strive more towards success.

Accruing Benefits

The benefits that can accrue to the Capricorns on using these lucky colors, numbers, and stones, are said to be substantial. These include –

  • People can hope for handsome material gains, comforts, and pleasures
  • Vices or negative emotions like anger, ego, and jealousy can get cleared, while an aura of positivity may surround them
  • The Chakras, the energy centers of their physical frame may get well-empowered, thus increasing their overall abilities
  • Their thoughts and actions may get well-aligned, providing them with stability and peace

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