Attributes of Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius, the 11th penultimate sign of the zodiac, can be said to represent the noble trait of humanitarianism. This is ruled by the powerful planet Saturn. The term ‘Aquarius’ means ‘water pourer’ and truly, ‘water-bearer’ remains as its symbol. It is believed that just as the bearer stores and provides precious water, the Aquarius-born too are said to enrich the world with their compassionate thinking. This, at many times, can translate as philanthropy.

Aquarians are intellectuals, who seek truth and reality. They are sharp in perception, have a scientific temper, and also possess a strong inclination towards religion and spirituality. They are also broad-minded, frank, friendly, artistic, creative, progressive, emotional, and grateful by nature.
But at times, the same people can also be frigid, negative, harsh and even unreasonably critical. There may also be times when they land themselves in financial problems and may depend on others to bail them out.

Valuing their positive traits and putting them into practice, while being conscious of their negative qualities, can make the Aquarians good human beings, who are admired and emulated by others.

Here, let us get to know something about the color, number, and precious stone that may prove lucky for the Aquarius people.

Aquarius Lucky Color

The color that may prove most suitable for the Aquarians is the one related to water, and that is blue. While Electric Blue and Ultramarine Blue can be their lucky colors, Grey too can qualify for being a suitable one for them. They can wear blue or grey-colored clothes, and also use these in their homes and places of work. These are capable of showing them in a favorable light, increase their social appeal and make them an object of appreciation.

Aquarius Lucky Number

The numbers 3, 7 and 9, along with all the double-digit ones which add to these numbers, like 12, 16, 18, etc. may prove lucky for the Aquarius people. They can take advantage of these numbers, by using them wherever possible, like in vehicle registration numbers. They can also make it a point to start new endeavors or launch new projects on any of these favorable dates, and these can help to clear impediments and bring success in their tasks.

aquarius lucky numbers

Aquarius Lucky Stone

Blue plays a role for them here too, and precious stones in blue shades such as Sapphire, Opal, and Black Pearl are regarded as the lucky ones for the Aquarians. Wearing rings or necklaces, with any of these stones fixed in them, can enhance their mental power, intellectual strength and communication abilities.

aquarius lucky stones

Accruing Benefits

    • The benefits that the Aquarians can get by using these lucky colors, stones, and numbers sensibly can be many and varied. These can include –
    • There can be handsome gains for them in the form of comforts and luxuries
    • Many of their reasonable and honest desires may get fulfilled
    • Their standing and importance may grow, and they may well become well sought-after personalities
    • Success, recognition, and fame may come calling on them
    • Some of them may turn out to be so lucky as to break into the world of glamour or politics and make a mark in the chosen field

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