Lizard Driven Beliefs

There are many belief systems prevailing in human societies all over the world. These beliefs vary from place to place and culture to culture, depending on various factors prevalent in them. Some of these have progressed beyond being only simple beliefs, with some innocuous, day-to-day occurrences rising to the level of being regarded as omens or authentic signals for future happenings. One of these is the belief concerned with the fall of a lizard.

Lizard Astrology

Lizard is a very common reptile. We all must have seen lizards in our houses, gardens, and other places; thus, these remain part of an ordinary person’s day-to-day life. With 4 legs and a tail, a lizard typically crawls briskly on the walls and ceilings in our homes and often makes the sound ‘tik’ ‘tik.’ Though this creature is quite tenacious, it sometimes falls on human beings or even jumps on us. According to our beliefs, these seemingly innocuous ‘lizard falls’ have their own significance and carry various meanings depending on which part of the body they fall on. These meanings can also differ when such a fall is on a man or a woman, as well as on the right side or left.

Over time, this act of ‘lizard falling’ has assumed astrological significance and is regarded as a predictive science similar to astrology, with a lizard falling getting classified as a signal for good fortune or bad luck. The science driven by the falling of lizards is termed Gowli Shastra or Lizard Astrology, which is considered a part of the traditional astrological system. The Shastra claims that every fall of a lizard on the human body holds some significance, and its fall on as many as 65 different limbs or body parts can remain a signal for some good/ auspicious or bad/ inauspicious happening. Such lizard-based predictions are covered in detail in the work ‘Muhurat Martand.’ We can gauge the significance of a lizard fall from the fact that many traditional almanacs or Panchangs give the meaning of lizard falls on different parts of our body.       

Besides, according to beliefs, even the sound that a lizard makes- the ‘tik’ ‘tik’ – has a profound meaning on which we can make prophesies.

The Lizard Astrology for Males

Now, let us have a closer look at the aspect of the lizard falling on men and what the prediction can be when such a fall occurs on a particular body part to the right or left. 

When a lizard falls on a man’s face, it can indicate profits or financial gains for him. However, if the fall is on a man’s forehead, it can only mean the unfortunate proposition of separation. Proceeding further, when the lizard-fall happens on the right eye, it can signal loss or failure, but it is regarded as beneficial if the fall is on the left eye. Coming to the sides of the face, while a fall on the right ear can increase the person’s longevity, the lizard fall on the left ear can enhance his gains. Continuing in the face region itself, if it is the nauseating proposition of the lizard falling on the mouth, it can only mean fear, especially of some serious development in his health condition, whereas if the fall misses the mouth but lands on his mustache, then the indication is of hurdles. Going down further, if the lizard fall happens to be on the left side of the neck, it can be the good news of success, but when it is to the right, it can only mean more enemies and all that it brings along. However, a lizard tumbling down on the fingers can be a welcome sign when you can expect visitors or hope to meet old friends.    

Coming to the lower part of the body, the reptile’s fall on a man’s left leg can denote some loss he is likely to incur, and if it is his foot on which the lizard falls, it can indicate difficult times. If it is a toe, it can mean some illness or physical discomfiture; on the other hand, if the lizard falls on the heel, it can foretell about the person suffering an injury. Then, coming to the nails, if the fall happens to be on the left side nails, it can indicate the acquisition of wealth, and if it is on the right side, it can be a warning about an increase in expenditure, especially unnecessary ones. A lizard’s fall on the back foot can signal travel.    

Further, if a lizard falls on a man’s possessions or things, it can only mean losing his belongings, like clothing.

Lizard Fall Remedies   

The best remedy that can help relieve people of the Doshas or afflictions due to a lizard fall is to seek Divine intervention and pray to the Almighty. People can take a head bath immediately, light a traditional lamp on the altar at home, chant ‘Maha Mrithyunjaya Mantra‘ to get rid of fears, negative thoughts, and uncomfortable feelings, and visit temples and offer prayers for complete relief.