Rashi, the Moon Sign

Rashi is the Moon sign. It denotes the zodiac sign, in which the Moon is placed at the time of birth of an individual. According to Western astrology, the zodiac sign is decided based on the movement and placement of the Sun. Hence, it is known as the Sun Sign, which, for any individual, is arrived at based on the calendar, that is, the month and date when the person was born. On the other hand, Vedic Astrology calculates people’s zodiac signs depending on the Moon’s movements across the signs and terms the signs through which the Moon travels at the moment of their birth as their Moon Sign or Rashi.       

Rashi Astrology 

Our ancient system of Vedic Astrology takes into consideration the celestial bodies like 27 Nakshatras or star constellations and 9 planets. These 27 stars constitute 12 zodiac signs, with 2 ¼ stars making up 1 zodiac sign. These 9 planets keep moving across the 27 stars and the 12 signs. The star and the sign through which the Moon is found transiting when an individual is born becomes the person’s Janma Nakshatra, or birth star, and Janma Rashi, or birth sign, respectively. This birth sign becomes the person’s Moon Sign or Rashi.  

There are 12 such Rashis, which are – Aries (Mesha), Taurus (Rishabha), Gemini (Mithuna), Cancer (Kataka), Leo (Simha), Virgo (Kanya), Libra (Tula), Scorpio (Vrishchika), Sagittarius (Dhanusu), Capricorn (Makara), Aquarius (Kumbha) and Pisces (Meena). Each of these signs is ruled by a planet and has its own distinct characteristics.

As this Moon-based Nakshatra (star) and Rashi (sign) hold much significance in the Indian astrological system, it has become a tradition in many Hindu families, especially in the northern parts of the country, to name their children in accordance with the Nakshatra and Rashi of their birth.

Rashi Name

Thus, in many tradition-bound families, the birth star and Moon Sign (Rashi) remain significant factors that decide the name of the newborn. And such a name is called the Rashi name. Usually, when a baby is born, the parents or family elders arrange to get its kundali or birth chart (also known as the natal chart or horoscope) cast, which astrologers do based on the date, time, and place of birth of the child. This chart is a celestial map that reflects the positioning of the various planets in the sky at the moment of birth of the baby. A study of this chart will show the placement of the Moon at the birth time, from which one can arrive at the birth star (Janma Nakshatra) and Moon Sign (Rashi) of the newborn. Then, considering the star and the sign, the astrologers will suggest a name for the child- a male or female name, depending on the baby’s gender. They may also recommend some letters as initials or for the names to begin with.  

Many families in the northern regions of India have followed this practice for many generations, naming their children based on their Rashis. Their names thus carry the astrological birth details of the children built into their Rashis. Therefore, one can find the Rashi of an individual just by knowing the name and learning about its astrological significance.   

For instance, for Aries, the Rashi Letters can be A, L, and E, with which the names of children born in the Moon Sign Aries can begin. Similarly, for Taurus, it can be Ba, Va, U; for Gemini, the letters can be Ka, Cha, Gha; for Cancer, it can be Da, Ha; for Leo, it can be Ma, Ta; for Virgo, it is Pa, Tha, Na; for Libra, it can be Ra, Ta; for Scorpio, it can be Na, Ya; for Sagittarius, it can be Bha, Dha, Pha, Dha;  for Capricorn, it can be Kha, Ja; for Aquarius, it can be Ga, Sa, Sha, Sh; and for the last sign Pisces, the beginning letters can be Da, Cha, Jha, Tha.

So, from the names of the people coming from the regions that follow this practice of naming after Rashis, it is quite possible to find the Rashis or the Moon Signs they were born in.    

Can there be astrological predictions by the Rashi Name?

After learning about the significance of Rashis, naming children based on their Rashis, and about the possibility of identifying the Rashis from names, let us examine the interesting question- Are astrological predictions possible by Rashi Names?  These names can come in handy when people’s birth charts are not available or are unsure about their precise birth time. As their names can reveal their Rashis, the Moon Signs, it is possible to narrow down and arrive at their astrological details of birth and learn about their characteristic traits, life in general, significant facets like career, finance, love, and marriage, and the future in general.