Dreams are enigmatic aspects. When we are asleep, our mind ceases its operation, and we become unaware of ourselves and, in a sense, cease to exist. But strangely, sometimes in such a state of ‘non-existence,’ we see, feel, or witness the mystery called the dream. While some of these dreams can be fascinating, some could be scary, some confusing, and some others outright impossible. Many of those dreams could be about us, in which we ourselves will play a role. In some dreams, people may also see someone already dead, coming back alive and interacting with them. Obviously, these kinds of dreams bringing alive the dead belong to the ‘impossible’ variety, for there is no way persons already dead and gone could appear again, as if in flesh and blood, and we, too, could interact with them.

However, a dream is a dream that generally defies logic, and that is why it remains an enigma.

While science has its own explanation for people having dreams, the question remains: ‘What can seeing a dead person in a dream mean?’    

Here, we will examine this issue and try to find answers to this question.  

Reasons for Seeing Dead People Alive

It could be Grief

A person seeing in a dream someone very dear to him or her who is already dead can be a reflection of the intense Grief of separation that the dreamer is still struggling to come to terms with. Losing a loved one can indeed be painful, and managing the emotional upheavals of that loss may not be easy at all. The void such a permanent loss creates can be impossible to fill, and the memories of the departed person may keep haunting those who loved them dearly when they were alive.

The logical mind might be well aware that the deceased person is dead and gone and will never return. However, the subconscious mind may be full of sorrow, regrets, and guilt and may not accept this reality at all, so it might love to believe that the deceased is still around for him or her to see and interact with. The subconscious may also long for an opportunity to express the feelings that they didn’t express when the person was alive, and all these intense emotions could bring the dead person in flesh and blood in the mind’s eye of the living person.      


There is also a belief that the dead appear in the dreams of someone they loved when they were alive, only to communicate something significant. The deceased may also feel sorry for the living person, who they could see from wherever they are, completely broken with grief and would like to extend their hand of comfort, by appearing in the familiar form in the living person’s dream. The dead may also take this opportunity to guide the living, share their thoughts about something vital, and also warn about something the dreamers have to be careful about in their lives. 

Wish Fulfillment

The living person may find it difficult to forget the deceased and intensely long to see the dead person again. But there is no way the dead will reappear again before the living one. So, what is not possible in reality, the subconscious could make it possible by bringing the dead back to life, at least as an illusion, in the form of a dream. Such a visual effect can act as a balm, bringing much-needed solace to the living and putting them back on track to lead a normal life.

Living in the Subconscious

The living person may keep thinking about the deceased and recollecting the time he or she spent with the dead person. This effectively means that though the person was dead to the world, the deceased was still alive in the memories of the dreamer and was living in the core of the being of the living person, who virtually adores and worships him. When the person goes to sleep, and their conscious mind settles and starts resting, it becomes an ideal moment for the dead living in his/her subconscious to rise to the level of consciousness in a state of dream so that the dreamer can see and feel the presence of the dead and draw much comfort and satisfaction.

New Beginning

The deceased, seeing the sorrow of the living at their passing away, and out of compassion, may want to assure the living that they are safe, sound, and having a good time in the other world, tell the living they need not worry about the dead anymore and counsel the living to draw a line, pick himself up and make a new beginning in life without guilt and with confidence.   

What it Could Mean?

Further, seeing the dead parents in the dream could mean that they are comforting the dreamer and assuring the person of their blessings. Seeing a dead life partner, husband or wife, in a dream can denote that the bereaved person is badly missing the deceased and is desperate to have the dead again in his or her life.    Overall, it would not be wrong to say that only our feelings and emotions about the dead reflect as dreams that bring them before our mind’s eyes, and they only indicate the intensity of the love and affection the living person had towards the departed.