Characteristics and Features

The symbol for Hasta is a hand and it is seen in the sky as an open hand bestowing blessings on humanity. Moon is the ruling planet and the ruling deity is Savitar, the sun god who imparts creative and transformative energy. The animal symbol is female buffalo. Hasta people are known for their pleasant and humorous temperament. They are hard-working and service-oriented, pure of thought and deed and are skilled in the arts.

Men Born Under Hasta Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

They may be tall and stout and sport a scar on the upper right hand or below the shoulder. They will be calm in nature and have a magnetic smile. They are eager to help others even if they get nothing in return. They are very honest and never indulge in any kind of deception. Despite this, they face only criticism and opposition from others. They believe in simple living.

The life of a Hasta native is like a game of snakes and ladders. There may be many ups and downs in his career. It is almost as if there is a hidden curse that prevents him from achieving the success he deserves. The one good thing is that he will not be poor all the time as he may get help from unexpected quarters when he most needs it. Though he may feel vengeful at times when others hurt him, his innate good nature will prevail and he may choose to leave things in God’s hands.

Education, Income and Profession

He is disciplined in his work and generally enjoys a high position. He will have good knowledge and his ability to settle disputes will make him a good advisor. He will be saddled with many responsibilities. Until he turns 30, he may have to face unexpected changes in all areas of his life. His best period will be between 30 and 42 years. If he lives beyond his 64th year, he can enjoy immense wealth and all-around success in his business. He will also excel in the artistic field.

Hasta Nakshatra

Family and Personal Relationships

He will have an ideal married life most of the time. His wife will have the qualities of a good homemaker.


He may suffer from colds and coughs, asthma or sinus problems. Skin irritations are also likely.

Women Born Under Hasta Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

She will have beautiful eyes and ears and look quite attractive. She will be shy and respectful towards elders. She expresses her views frankly without bothering about the outcome. Hence some of her relatives may be hostile towards her.

Education, Work and Income

Mostly, she may not need to work as she has good financial stability, thanks to her parents or husband. If born into a poor family, she may work in the agricultural field or construction sector.

Family and Relationships

Her married life will be enjoyable. Her husband will be affluent and loving. She will benefit from her children. She may have a son and two daughters.


She will enjoy good health. But she may have high blood pressure and twisting of veins as well as asthma when she is older. Their nervous system may be sensitive.

Famous Hasta Nakshatra Personalities

Bill Clinton, Cat Stevens, Denzel Washington, Madame Blavatsky, John Lennon, Julie Andrews, Susan Sarandon.