Ghati Subramanya is an ancient Hindu Temple, dedicated to Lord Muruga. This is located in near Bangalore, Tubagere, Doddaballapura. This is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore and is admired for its architecture. The uniqueness of this temple is that Lord Subramanya is found together with Lord Narasimha.

History of Ghati Subramanya Temple

The temple is more than 600 years old which was built by the King Ghorpade of Sandur dynasty. The inception of this temple is said to have an interesting part when the deity appeared in the king’s dream and revealed about the idol. The king then found the idols of Lord Subramanya and Lord Narasimha and built a huge temple around the idols. Both the idols were self-manifested, and said to have enormous powers to save and protect their devotees.

Architecture of Ghati Subramanya Temple

The tower or the Gopuram of the temple welcomes with its magnificent structure, which is not only captivating but also intricately carved with sculptures and features of Dravidian architecture. The idols of Lord Subramanya and Lord Narasimha have said to emerge on its own from the ground and are made with monolithic stones. An anthill is also present opposite to the temple, where the devotees would pour milk and submit their prayers. It is highly fascinating to see both the idols of Lord Subramanya and Lord Narasimha. The idols are found in the sanctum of the temple.

The idol of Lord Subramanya is in his serpentine form, which faces the east. The Lord Narasimha’s idol is set in a way which faces the north. The architectural marvel of seeing both the deities is also possible, as a mirror is fixed before the idol of the Lord Narasimha.

Legend of the Temple Deity

Lord Subramanya appears in the form of a seven-hooded serpent in this temple and is believed that he is still penancing in this temple. This location is also very famous because Lord Subramanya destroyed Ghatikasura, the demon who was highly troubling the people and mercilessly killing them. Lord Subramanya prayed to Lord Narasimha to provide the Naga’s family a complete protection from Lord Vishnu’s vehicle, the Garuda(vulture). It is a universally known fact that vultures have a natural tendency to dislike serpents.


Festivals, Rituals, and Events of Ghati Subramanya Temple

The Ghati Subramanya is renowned for snake worship in Southern India. Brahmarathotsava is one of the most celebrated festivals in this temple. Narasimha Jayanti also shares equal importance, as people from all parts of the world would flood in this temple during this time. December time is known for the farmer’s fair, where agriculturists, cattle rearers and traders from all over Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Kerala, assemble in this temple.

Other major rituals include Kuja Dosha, Naga Pratistha, Sarpa Dosha and Nivarana Puja. Childless couples would perform special rituals to appease the deity for bearing children. Snake idols are also installed in huge numbers by devotes, when their prayers get fruitful.

How to Get To Ghati Subramanya Temple

Banglore is the closest city to Doddaballapura Taluk is the main hub around the temple.

By Air

Bangalore International Airport is the nearest one which is around 48 kilometers away.

By Train

The closest railway station is Bangalore city, which is situated almost 60 kilometers away. From City Railway Station, it is suggested to take the Bellary Road. The total time is estimated to be 90 minutes to 2 hours.

By Road

Bellary Road connects Ghati Subramanya temple from Bangalore, which is almost 61 kilometers to the temple. Doddaballapura is the nearest bus stand and a local junction. Private transports are also available for commuting shorter distance.