Tenth house indicates Raja yoga for Gemini ascendant.

Cancer: Moon and planet Jupiter in the ninth or tenth house are very auspicious for Cancer ascendant. It creates a Trikona Raja Yoga. Know more about Cancer daily horoscope today.

Leo: When Sun and Mars are found in the ninth or tenth house of Leo ascendant, they will live a life of luxury. Know more about Leo daily horoscope today.

Virgo: Mercury and Venus in the ninth and tenth house forms a Raja yoga for Virgo ascendant. Know more about Virgo daily horoscope today.

Libra: Venus and Mercury in the ninth and tenth house, respectively, indicate Raja Yoga for Libra ascendant. Know more about Libra daily horoscope today.

Scorpio: Sun and Mars in the ninth and tenth house of the horoscope give Raja Yoga for Scorpio ascendant. When Mars and Moon occupy the ninth and tenth houses, it’s good too. Know more about Scorpio daily horoscope today.

Sagittarius: Sun and Jupiter are the yoga karakas for Raja Yoga in the case of Sagittarius ascendant. They give wealth and happiness. Know more about Sagittarius daily horoscope today.

Capricorn: Mercury and Saturn in the ninth and tenth house give Raja Yoga for Capricorn ascendant.Know more about Capricorn daily horoscope today.

Aquarius: Venus and Saturn in the ninth and tenth house give Raja Yoga for Aquarius ascendant. Know more about Aquarius daily horoscope today.

Pisces: Jupiter and Mars in the ninth and tenth house of the horoscope for Pisces ascendant give Raja Yoga. They are also yoga karakas. Know more about Pisces daily horoscope today.

Raja Yoga is a very auspicious period in a person’s life. It is created when the yoga karaka planets occupy the Kendra (center house) of the Kundali. If it occurs in the second or eleventh house, too, the results will be good.

Raja Yoga gives worldly pleasures, success in career, and business. Raja Yoga brings wealth, luxuries and prosperity, power, and position. The native will lead a royal life and enjoy the respect of all.

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