Characteristics and Features

Chitra means ‘brilliant’ and the star’s symbol is a shining jewel or luminous pearl which embodies the spirit within. The animal symbol is a tigress and its nature is Rakshasa (demon). Chitra nakshatra born people are natural leaders. They have a friendly and pleasing personality and are quite intelligent as well. For this star, Mars is the ruling planet and Vishvakarma, the celestial architect of the universe, is the presiding deity.

Men Born Under Chitra Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

Chitra men have a lean physique and they easily stand out in a crowd.

They are peaceful by nature and possess a high level of intelligence. They are also very determined and will go to any extreme to achieve their ends. He is quite shrewd and will be quick to take advantage of opportunities that may be beneficial to him. These people may express ideas or opinions which at first appear to be impractical or nonsensical but eventually they will find acceptance and successfully prevail over others. The Chitra native follows his own whims and fancies. He does not bother much about what other people might say or think. He is not selfish by nature though he might be adamant in his dealings with people. However, he is very kind and considerate in his behavior towards those who belong to the deprived sections of society. He may also try to help such people by performing acts of charity or involving himself in endeavors to ameliorate their sad plight. People often think that he is rude or stingy but that is not the case. At times, he may be blunt in his speech but later on, he will try to make amends by eating his own words, though it may do little good at that stage. He will have many enemies but they will not be able to harm him as he is capable of foiling their conspiracies.

Special Gifts

Chitra born men are often gifted with powers of intuition and hence it won’t be a surprise if they tend to gravitate towards the astrological profession, where such powers are very much needed. Some of them are quite prescient – they may possess the ability to see dreams which end up coming true. This may lead one to assume that they have a personal connection with the divine.

Education, Income and Profession

Chitra born men will face many obstacles in life which prevent him from progressing at work and until he reaches the age of 32, life will not be easy for him. But with his courage and hard work, he will overcome such problems. The best phase of his life falls between his 33rd and 54th years when he will achieve a lot in life to help compensate for the unproductive period that preceded it. One great advantage of being born under this star is that he will receive help from unexpected quarters when he most needs it and without expending great effort. Generally, the 22nd, 27th, 30th, 36th, 39th, 43rd and 48th years will be tough and he may face some reverses during these years of his life. The native will find work as a sculptor, mechanic or factory worker. He may also dabble in politics. Engineering, textile technology, interior design, armed forces, radio, TV and films, police, judge, lawyer, priest, etc., are other potential occupations for him.

Family and Personal Relationships

He will have great love and affection for his parents and siblings but at the same time, he doubts their sincerity and love towards him. He may feel that they don’t do enough for him when he needs their help. Most Chitra natives are not fortunate enough to receive the love, affection and benefits from their father. The father is usually a known figure in his field. The father may live separately from the family owing to work or other reasons. Chitra men are very close to their mothers and they may get many benefits from their mother. It is said that people born under the Chitra star will not be able to stay in the house where they were born. Either the native will move away from the house to settle down elsewhere or the house itself may be sold or destroyed. He will settle down in a distant city or town, far away from his birthplace.

His married life may leave much to be desired. Though the marriage will be stable, his relationship with his wife will not be very harmonious. There might be frequent quarrels over minor issues. He will have many responsibilities to shoulder and may have to face constant criticism for most of his life.


He often suffers from kidney related diseases. Inflammation of the kidney or bladder, brain fever, appendicitis, abdominal tumors, ulcers, skin allergies, diseases caused by worms, are all likely to afflict him.

Women Born Under Chitra Nakshatra

Women born under this star will have the same results as the men but they may be less fortunate compared to the males.

Appearance and Temperament

They will be tall and beautiful with long hair. Their fondness for excessive freedom and indulgence in disreputable behavior leads to complications in life. They suffer from vanity and pride and will be quite lazy. They will not have many friends and there will be a tendency to go astray.

Education, Work and Income

They will have a preference for science subjects. Modeling, and acting are likely professions for them as such women are quite attractive and well-proportioned. Nursing is another occupation that is suitable for them. If the planets are poorly placed, they may find work in the agricultural field.

Family and Relationships

Chitra born women are unlikely to have a blissful conjugal life so extreme care should be taken when matching horoscopes with potential partners. If the planetary positions are unfavorable, death of the partner, divorce or separation, can all occur. Or there will be no progeny, and sometimes, they will not receive any marital pleasure from the husband.

Famous Chitra Nakshatra Personalities

Adolf Hitler, Frank Sinatra, Ramana Maharishi, George Bush, Marie Antoinette, Margaret Thatcher, Deepak Chopra, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barbara Walters and Cary Grant.