Of late, Black Friday is taken as an ideal day for shopping. It is also an auspicious day to save money as Black Friday deals are very attractive In India, Christmas shopping and New Year shopping are timed around Black Friday for this reason. There will be offers galore for Black Friday and most people who want to buy things for home or office will be eagerly awaiting this day. There will be huge crowds of shoppers thronging the stores, excitement writ large on their faces. Almost all shops will have great offers on all products. This is one day which sets the cash registers ringing as people spend freely in order to avail of the attractive once a year offers.

Black Friday Sale 2019

Generally, the 4th Friday of the 11th month is regarded as Black Friday. With the advent of ecommerce, people also go online on Black Friday to buy the things they need. Many sellers too have woken up to the advantages of online selling. Days before the actual event, there will be a barrage of ads to announce the offers and whip up a frenzy among the buyers. Shopping for Black Friday deals is easier if one follows certain tips.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

*Make a list of the items you need before you shop

*Don’t go overboard on seeing the attractive offers. You could end up wasting money. Find out about the guarantee, warranty, after sales, etc., as well.

*Get some feedback about the product from other purchasers before buying it. This will enable you to get a good deal.

*Avoid working yourself up into a frenzy thinking that you should not miss the Black Friday deals at any cost. Shop when it’s convenient for you.

Strangely enough, Black Friday is associated with the great stock market crash in 1800 which too happened on a Friday. This is why it was originally called Black Friday as black is traditionally associated with gloom and misfortune. But today, the bad memories associated with it have faded and it is mostly associated with pleasant memories.

Black Friday and Astrology

Black Friday is the day most people schedule their purchases on account of the attractive offers available. Does it have a connection with astrology? Perhaps, though there is not much evidence for the same. It is a well-known fact that planet Venus represents glamour, luxuries and pleasure. Each planet is associated with a particular day of the week and for planet Venus, it’s Friday! Hence, astrologically, Friday is considered ideal for making luxury and entertainment-related products. If you are planning to buy a gift for someone, too, do it on a Friday. Black Friday is the day you can make people happy by buying them things that they were not able to afford previously. Or you can buy the things that make your life more comfortable and prosperous. It is also a good day to buy jewelry.

But for some people, it may be the case that Black Fridays are not lucky for purchasing things. Something usually goes wrong and if this is the case, avoid purchases on Black Fridays. Cyber Monday follows Black Friday and on this day, there will be many attractive online offers. So, if you were unable to shop on Black Friday, there is always Cyber Monday. Basically, the concept of Black Friday teaches us that it is possible to take something negative and turn it into something good by creating a positive buzz around it.

The Moon occupies the sign, Aquarius, on Friday. This is favorable for the purchase of electronics and communications devices that are less practical and more of a novelty item. On Sunday and Monday, the Moon occupies Pisces. They favor buying products or services involving the senses, spiritual matters, etc. You can also buy gifts for those whom you love romantically.