What is Kundali Matching?

Kundali means ‘horoscope’ and Kundali Matching is the process of matching or comparing two birth charts. Normally, Kundalis of two people are matched in order to fix a marriage alliance. This will help determine the  compatibility of the boy and the girl. There are two ways of doing this. Kundalis can be matched by date of birth in which the Kundali of the boy and girl is matched according to their date, time and place of birth. Whereas, in Kundali Matching By Name, horoscopes are matched using the names of the boy and the girl.

Where can I find the best astrologer in Mumbai for Kundali matching

Ashtakoot or Gunas of the bride and groom are calculated in kundali matching.

There are eight of them:

1) Varna – It describes mental compatibility

2) Vashyas – It focuses on the partner’s dominance aspect

3) Tara – Indicates health of the relationship

4) Yoni – Defines physical and sexual compatibility

5) Graha Maitri – Determines emotional and intellectual attitude of the couple

6) Gana – Describes general behavior and nature

7) Bhakoot  – Denotes the affluence of the family – general and economical

8) Nadi – Determines the absence or presence of progeny

Each of the gunas described above has a point in respect of its serial number. Thus, Varna has point 1, Vashyas 2 points and so on. Nadi guna has the most points – 8. When the Guna points are all added, we get 36 points. When the Horoscope Matching score of a couple is 18 or less, then the marriage is believed to be unviable. If the Guna matching score is 32, then it is regarded as a perfect association.

Other Factors

Many other factors are also considered when matching Kundalis. They include:


Kuja Dosha / Manglik Dosha

Horoscope strengths of the couple

Planets which can have an effect on their marital life

Planets which influence the prosperity factor

Why Kundali Matching is important?

When it comes to traditional Indian marriages, Kundali Matching is very important. There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, the Compatibility Check using Love Calculator gives a comprehensive description of the compatibility between the boy and the girl.

Financial situation – Kundali matching helps assess the financial situation of the couple after their marriage and the progress of their careers.

Health and Offspring – The health of the entire family and the chances of having children can be determined.

Dosha Rectification – One can identify ‘doshas’ in the Kundalis which can then be rectified before the marriage by performing certain rituals or poojas.In earlier days, people used to ask friends and relatives about good astrologers and then consult them. But nowadays, the best astrologers are all available online so kundali matching too can be done online. If you are residing in Mumbai and need to do kundali matching for your marriageable son or daughter, there are many top astrologer in Mumbai who can help you. One of the best online astrology portals in India is Astro Speaks. It is a hub for some of the leading astrologers not only in Mumbai but also the entire country. Girish Vaithilingan, Dharmesh Barot, Poonam Midha and Sanjoy Chatterjee are some of mumbai’s best astrologer online with Astro Speaks.