Improvement for the better

Man is a combination of the good and bad, as he combines in him, strengths and weaknesses, almost in equal measures. Once they become aware of these, they can start improving their strengths and overcoming the weaknesses for their own, all-round good.

Here we can have a brief, zodiac sign-wise look at these aspects from the astrological angle. Also, get some simple tips through which people can improve on their deficiencies and overcome the problems of their lives.

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The zodiac sign, Aries, is ruled by fiery Mars and this gives the sign, a natural streak of dynamism and forcefulness. The Aries-born are generally impulsive and quick-tempered. As they are result-oriented and expect things to happen the way they want, they tend to become impatient and aggressive with others. This may rub people the wrong way and prove detrimental to their own interests.

So, if Aries people direct their energy and attention towards performance, instead of on persons, things will be smoother for them, in many ways.


Taurus is the bull. So, by nature, Taurus people are stubborn. They may look calm, but if provoked, they can act tough. This mainly reflects their inherent resistance to change and unwillingness to compromise. This quality can work against their interests, both personally and professionally.

The Taurus-born should realize that change is a normal process that keeps happening at all times. Acceptance of this fact is the only way to make peace with reality and progress in life. If they can become more flexible, a world of opportunities will open up for them.


The Geminis are dual characters. Lively and spontaneous, they keep looking for adventures and new things in life. This can make them get bored easily with routine and also make them inconsistent.

Any activity has its share of the mundane, as also its quota of novelty. If Gemini people can overcome their dread of monotony and routine, they can gain better stability and achieve greater success.


It can be said that Cancer people possess an element of insecurity in them and this can turn them somewhat cynical. This sort of pessimism in attitude can make them closed and untrusting of others. This, in turn, can make others assume that they are negative characters or critics and avoid them as far as possible.

The Cancer-born can train themselves to see the positive side of others and also the brighter side of life. This can make them more optimistic, open and more confident.


Leos, the lions, can be as majestic as they are laidback. Though they are endowed with exceptional abilities and natural leadership skills, their easy-going nature can often prevent them from realizing their full potential. Also, these people are confident, or at least they look so, outside; but when made to handle tough situations, they can become diffident and walk away from harsh realities.

If the Leo-born can work on these shortcomings and overcome them, they can achieve great things.


Virgos are intelligent people. They are also very analytical and this often makes them critical. They set high standards even for themselves and start expecting others, too, to meet those without fail. Naturally, this cannot happen at all times, and hence, these people are left disappointed and frustrated. In the process, they also show themselves as judgmental and stubborn.

It is better if Virgos learn to accept that life is not a do or die battle always, and take a realistic view of things. This can relax them, improve their mood and help them to remain energetic, while also improving relationships.


Libra is a sign of justice and fair play. The Librans are essentially peace-lovers, but that also makes them reluctant fighters. So, they try to avoid conflicts at any cost. They also tend to live in the past and hold resentment against those who may have wronged them even in the distant past. The first quality dents their self-respect and gratification, whereas the second denies them peace of mind.

Librans should learn to stand up for the causes they believe in and make their feelings clear, not bothering about the consequences. Also, they should learn the art of letting bygones be bygones. This can give them the much-needed tranquillity and also, a sense of fulfillment in life.


The Scorpio-borns are confidence personified. But simultaneously, they also remain envious and suspicious of others. As these people are also aggressive in their words and actions, others find it difficult to deal with them and hence, avoid them. This may prove to be their undoing in many respects.

Being aware of their deep-rooted insecurity and making conscious attempts to overcome that is necessary for the Scorpios to achieve a sense of balance and stable relationships.


Sagittarius people are optimistic and straightforward. They generally see only the positives in people and scenarios and this can make them blind to their shortcomings. They can also be honest to a fault and end up hurting people. Thus, they can become overconfident and tactless.

It will be of immense help if the Sagittarius-born become realistic in their outlook and also develop diplomatic skills. This can help them to see things as they are and also drive home their points without offending others.


The Capricorns are practical and disciplined. But they can also be pessimistic and stubborn. They generally believe that they are perfect and so find it difficult to change their views. This makes them out to be fault finders. This can also make others feel belittled and small and regard them as inconsiderate or rude.

Capricorn people must develop the art of seeing other people’s points of view and also learn to be more forgiving. This can make them less snobbish and more approachable.


Aquarius people are intelligent and independent. They are also kind and friendly but they can be detached and aloof too. They often swing between extremes, and so others often find them unpredictable and tough to handle.

If there are two things they have to learn, these are – compromise and ability to handle emotions. These can make the Aquarians balanced individuals, whom others can deal with comfortably.


Pisces people are compassionate and imaginative but are also over-sensitive and pessimistic. The latter traits are born out of their sense of fear, especially of criticism. They tend to imagine that things somehow may not work out as planned, and start worrying that they will be held accountable for the consequences.

These people should develop faith in themselves and their abilities and be ready to accept fair criticism. These attributes can make them more open and confident and help them to progress well in life.

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