Jupiter in Sagittarius –what it means

Planet Jupiter (Guru) turns direct in Sagittarius on August 11th. Jupiter rules abundance and possibilities. When it is in Sagittarius, it is time to see if we’ve learned certain lessons and whether the time is ready to take action. Starting April, most of us have had to reflect on our current relationships or attitude to love. It is possible that we faced issues related to jealousy, control, growth, commitment, and the need to align ourselves with a partner. Around the 11th, there will be more clarity on these issues. We will be able to understand what we’ve been experiencing and from this period until December 3rd, (when Jupiter moves into Capricorn), this area of our lives will need us to take some action to mend things. The influence of this transit extends up to December 2019.

What Jupiter Turning Direct In Sagittarius Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until December 2019

A time to go within ourselves

The course of true love never runs smooth, as the saying goes. But we expect it to. However, no matter how strong the love between two people is, love rarely progresses in a straight line. In fact, it is more like travelling down a bumpy road filled with potholes or even a roller coaster ride. When a relationship is difficult, we think it is not the right one for us. If it makes us happy, we think it is right. But the truth is that relationships often run into rough patches and then it becomes difficult to decide if it’s right or wrong. There will be joyful moments in a relationship and there will be sad or bitter moments too. Even the worst relationship has its moments of peace and joy.

The thing about Jupiter is that it makes us go within ourselves. It asks us to go slow instead of rushing ahead at full throttle. It warns us not to make rash decisions or irrevocable choices. Above all, it tells us not to promise more than we should, especially if our heart is not fully involved in the relationship.

Two signs rule Jupiter –  Sagittarius and Pisces. Generally, a planet transiting through its ruling sign means that we can look forward to a better time because the planet and its ruler will be in harmony. The energies that are present at this time are positive and favor movement towards the desired goal. During the Jupiter retrograde we would have been trying to figure out what we seek from love before moving ahead.

Jupiter brings clarity

Sagittarius gives great importance to truth and is very spiritual. It always tries to do better. It also believes in karma and the fact that there’s a higher force at work in the universe. Its energy has been affecting our unconscious minds over the past year. During the Jupiter retrograde period, it has enabled us to discern the truth from fear and our past from our future. It also helped us identify the obstacles we are facing though they are not actually designed to stop us. The obstacles more likely tested us to see how much we want something.

Sometimes, we desperately want to make a relationship work and we make many compromises. To make a relationship endure is hard work but it should never feel like a gruelling struggle. Ultimately, we should not have to compromise who we truly are just to make the relationship last.

It is convenient to take the easy way out. We choose the option that does not create major changes, choices that may end up hurting others or overturning our status in life. In other words, we don’t take big risks but the fact is that, during retrogrades it’s better to embrace change rather than try to avoid it.

The eclipses in July changed many relationships. During such moments we probably wanted to break free from certain relationships or made sudden discoveries about who we loved and the kind of life we want. But doubts and confusion prevented us from making those changes as we felt that it was not the right time and we didn’t feel adequately prepared. The good news is that with Jupiter turning direct in Sagittarius, we will get more clarity about these issues. and as we get more clarity, we will finally be able to take those decisions we have been putting off thereby ushering in sweeping changes in our lives.

A time for changes and upheavals  

Over the past four months, we had time to reflect and see the truth of the relationships we are currently in. During this period, we would have seen how bad things could be, how hard it is to turn away from the truth, and how stifling and oppressive it is to live a life that’s not aligned with our soul.

Now, as Jupiter turns direct, we are experiencing a change in our perspective and seeing more clearly the actions we need to take. With time, we get the clarity we seek but what we need to realize, is that once this clarity is gained, we should act upon it. If we don’t, we will never learn the lesson we are meant to learn. Hence this is a major turning point in our life. This moment will mark the process of starting to live in alignment with our hearts and truths.