Characteristics and Features

Vishaka Nakshatra is the ‘star of purpose’. Its symbol is a large tree with spreading branches implying protection. Another symbol depicts a potter patiently sitting at his wheel. Vishaka Nakshatra people will be patient and persevering. This will help them achieve success. They are known for their courage. Success may come to them only in the second half of their life. The ruling planet is Jupiter and the animal symbol is Tiger. The presiding deities are Indra and Agni.

Men Born Under Vishaka Nakshatra

They are attractive, with a round, bright face. The body type may be either fat and tall or lean and short. They will be brimming with vim and vigor. Highly intelligent and god-fearing, they are not orthodox and tend to be modern in their outlook. Vishaka men often live away from their families. They believe in Gandhian philosophy which lays stress on truth and non-violence. Some of them may accept sanyas in their 35th year. But still they will not neglect duties to their family.

The downside is that they can be aggressive and controlling at times. Problems may arise from their quarrelsome nature and there may be issues caused by repressed anger. They envy other people’s success and feel isolated as they lack a good social network. They may also have strong sexual appetites and may have many affairs. Infidelity may cause problems in their relationships.

Education, Profession and Income

He has excellent oratorical skills which can draw crowds. Hence, politics is a good career for him. He is stingy but spends lavishly on unnecessary things. Business, banking, religious profession, mathematics, teaching, printing and jobs involving great responsibility are suitable for him. Many famous dictators and leaders are Vishaka natives.

Family and Relationships

He is not fortunate to receive his mother’s love and affection. Either she may die young or he may be separated from her due to certain circumstances. Though he will be proud of his father, he may not benefit much from him. In short, he will be more like an orphan. There will be conflicts with his father and he may be a self-made person right from his younger years. Though he may love his wife and kids, his addiction to alcohol and dalliances with other women can create problems in his family life.


Health will be good but after the age of 55, he may suffer a paralytic attack. This may affect more than 70% of Vishaka natives. They may also be plagued by asthma problems.

Vishaka Nakshatra

Women Born Under Vishaka Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

She will be very good-looking and this may cause problems for her from men. She is sweet-tongued and can handle both work and home efficiently. Simple and humble by nature, she may even shun make-up. Other women, be they friends or relatives, may be jealous of her. She may be quite religious, observing fasts, performing Poojas and making pilgrimages often.

Education, Work and Income

She loves poetry and may become a famous writer, provided the planetary combinations favor it. She may achieve academic excellence in the arts or literary fields.

Family and Relationships

She is very devoted to her husband. Her in-laws will be pleased by her religious disposition. She will enjoy power and authority within the family as she takes care of all family members and even distant relatives.


Health will be generally good but she may suffer from kidney problems, goiter, and general weakness.

Famous Vishaka Nakshatra Personalities

Napoleon Bonaparte, Clint Eastwood, Margaret Thatcher, Buddha, Jimmy Carter, Prince Charles, Alexander the Great, Richard Burton, Demi Moore