Characteristics and Features

Ruled by the Sun, it’s symbolized by an elephant’s tusk which represents Ganesha’s blessings for our endeavors. Another symbol is the planks of a bed, which represents rest and peace. Also called the ‘universal star’, it embodies humanitarian concern and fairness to all. The ruling deities are the Vishvadevas or universal gods. The natives may embark on a spiritual quest and become totally involved in a task or delve deeply into a subject that interests them. They are quite idealistic and have lofty goals and many virtues. But they may also be self-centered and stubborn. The animal symbol is a male mongoose.

Men Born Under Uttarashada Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

He is tall and well- proportioned with a broad head and fair complexion. Charming and graceful in appearance, he has a refined and soft- spoken nature. Even if he occupies a very high position in society, he will be simple and unassuming. He respects all, including women. He is god-fearing. There may be a black mole on his waist or face.

He will be very straightforward and sincere in his outlook. His innate good nature may land him in problems. He does not give his trust easily but once he does, he will stick by that person. He may be susceptible to flattery and expect others to do their bit for him. Sometimes he will be lazy. He is not harsh with others and keeps his feelings to himself. He will be diplomatic in his dealings. He may have to shoulder many responsibilities at a young age. If he does something wrong, he will be quick to repent and apologize. If people don’t recognize him the way he expects, he will be unhappy. He suffers from mood swings.

Education, Income and Profession

He has to be very careful when collaborating with others. He should check the person’s background well before entering into such collaboration. Otherwise, problems will crop up. After 38 years he will experience all around success and prosperity.

Family and Personal Relationships

Later in life he may have to face a lot of problems within the family. Between the ages of 28 and 31 years some important occurrences may happen in his family. His married life will be good. His wife will be responsible and loving. But she may suffer from poor health, including acidity or uterus problems. Children may cause worries.

Uttarashadha Nakshatra Male and Female Characteristics


Stomach problems, paralysis of limbs, pulmonary diseases, defects in the eyes are possible.

Women Born Under Uttarashada Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

She will have a wide forehead, large nose, attractive eyes, and beautiful teeth. A problem with her is that she will be very stubborn and tends to speak rashly which may cause conflict with others. But she likes to lead a very simple life.

Education, Work and Income

She may be well-educated and work as a teacher, bank employee or will be attached to religious institutions. She could be a publisher or a writer too.

Family and Relationships

She cannot enjoy her married life completely as she will be disturbed on account of her husband’s absence or some other problems concerning him. She is very religious and observes all the religious rites and rituals. She will find happiness with a Revati or Uttarabhadra spouse.


She may suffer from gastritis, hernia or uterus problems.

Famous Uttarashada Nakshatra Personalities

Tennessee Williams, Jane Fonda, Kirk Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, Cary Grant, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Muhammad Ali