Characteristics and Features

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is symbolized by a bed or two rear legs of a cot. It means ‘a fig tree’ or ‘latter red one’. The animal symbol is a bull and the ruling planet is the Sun. The presiding deity Aryaman embodies leadership, honor, nobility and rules society. This is the ‘star of patronage’ which is associated with kindness and compassion for humanity. Uttara Phalguni people may have healing powers and they make money through their learning. They are popular, and live a life of comfort and luxury. They may become leaders in their chosen fields, known for their courage, endurance and tendency to fight for good causes.

Men Born Under Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

They are usually tall and plump, with a large face and long nose. They may have a black mole on the right side of their neck. They are very lucky and generally lead happy lives. Sincere in their work and neat in behavior, they are religiously inclined. Their social work earns them a good name. But they are also hot-tempered and lack patience. It is difficult to calm them down once they get angry. They may say or do things in anger and repent later, though they won’t admit they are wrong. But they have good reasoning powers and are tactful too.

Education, Income and Profession

He is very independent and responsible. He is a person of integrity and expects the same from others. He will do well in fields that require contact with the public. He sticks to his decisions and is hard- working. He can be a good teacher, writer or research fellow. He may also make extra money through tuitions. Until he turns 32, life may be filled with hardships. From 32 to 38, there will be some improvement. After 38, he will progress quickly and achieves his goals. Life will be smooth till he turns 62. During his 50s, he will earn fame and wealth. All his assets will be self-made. He will be good in mathematics, engineering, astronomy and astrology. He will also do well in the advertising industry.

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

Family and Relationships

He will enjoy a good married life. His wife will be very capable.


Health will be good save for problems like body ache, dental problems, gastric trouble, liver and intestine problems.

Women Born Under Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

Appearance and Temperament

Of medium height, they will have a medium complexion. They might have a black mole on the face. She will be calm and simple. She will not nurse grudges and is always happy. She is also principled.

Education, Career and Income

She may have aptitude for mathematics or science. Hence, she may become a teacher or lecturer. Other options are administration, hospitals or sanitary department. She could even be a model or actress.

Family and Relationships

She will have a good husband and children. She will be adept in handling domestic work and her husband will be fairly well off. She should avoid pomp and show as it will attract jealousy from neighbors who may join hands with her in-laws to cause problems.


Health may be good though she might suffer from mild asthma, menstrual problems and severe headache.

Famous Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra Personalities

Warren Beatty, Hugh Hefner, Sean Connery, Agatha Christie, H. G. Wells, Sophia Loren, Oliver Stone