The advent of the internet has brought about a lot of changes in the last two decades. There are several online astrologers who have taken the internet by storm. They have been guiding people through their services. The demand and reputation of these astrologers and the websites have also grown rapidly, with video-based predictions and daily predictions becoming the people’s favorite. With just small mobile applications, it is directly reaching them and exerting a positive influence and guidance.


This website does comprehensive research on spirituality, guiding people beyond astrology. It is headed by Dr.Pillai, one of the best spiritual guides in the world, who has made his own mark in the realm of spiritual thought, and who has a natural inclination towards the divine. The site offers free astrology predictions, reports on planetary transits and information about various festivals. There is also a complete guide on various temples in and around India, a valuable resource for spiritual seekers. The site is supported by a team of “expert astrologers”, who work on natal charts. They perform Havans and Homas too, on behalf of the individuals, who are unable to perform the rituals at their premises.

Swastik TV:

This is a YouTube-based channel, which gives comprehensive knowledge on spirituality, planetary transits and other important information related to the spiritual domain. It has a team of expert astrologers who render general predictions and also analyze natal charts. Their daily predictions are uploaded on their youtube channel every day. The channel has a sizeable audience.

One among the famous astrologers of India, he is a celebrity in his own right and gives suggestions and remedies for many film stars, businessmen and politicians. He recommends gemstones and birthstones to remedy problems. He became famous through his columns in newspapers and articles featured in leading periodicals. He also offers online consultations.

Ganesha Speaks:
It is one of the biggest sites related to astrology in India. They send predictions by email. With a reputation for premium service, they provide accurate results using natal charts. They have a huge team of over 90 astrologers on board, giving astrology advice, suggestions and precautions. They even advise celebrities. Their predictions are also categorically arranged to provide service to various segments of people.

Astrology Zone

This is one of the world’s most popular online astrological portals. It is maintained by the expert astrologer “Susan Miller”, who is known across the world. She is known for her accurate predictions and minute calculations. She also gives very practical solutions and examples from her own life. She is said to have learned her craft from her mother from a very young age. Her predictions can be viewed on her website and her other online web applications.

Online astrological websites provide solutions for life problems and give good guidance. It is yet another example of how technology has been used to benefit people.