The age-old science of Astrology has moved to a newer platform nowadays, which attracts people belonging to the digital era. Information, communication, and knowledge-sharing have become easier, enabling more people to follow astrology. Over the last few decades, Astrology witnessed interesting developments and gained cachet among the new generation, as it could be transmitted through their gadgets, which are more like a sixth finger. The predictions are also divided into weekly, monthly and yearly predictions, which help people to get some perspective on their life. It is a constant quest to find out what life has in store for everyone. This has generated a tremendous increase in online traffic for the sites, which gives a remedy and solution for everyone, who are battling with many problems in life.
Astrology, a combination of science and mathematics, predicts the events in a person’s life based on planetary movements. This has been in vogue since ages. Sun-Signs, which follow the birth date pertaining to the Gregorian calendar has been in practice, and all twelve signs are given separate predictions based on their natal charts. A few decades before, gazettes, newspapers and special magazines featured predictions which were liked and adored by the people very much. With the advent of mobile gadgets and new apps, there is now a wider audience for astrology, which has gained more popularity over the last decade.

The New Age of Astrology

New-gen millennials often seek guidance and advice digitally. The digital age has brought its own share of problems and people need advice, guidance and assistance to deal with them. Astrologers have found a new way through mobile apps, to reach their target audience. Needless to say, people often face challenges, which are very new for this generation. When life offers more through gadgets, why not use it! Life demands more nowadays! Expectations of the society, health, career, finance, spouse, children, in-laws are just a few.

Many astrologers are gaining worldwide popularity and enhanced fame by digitizing their predictions. With a plethora of sites, videos and web pages to offer them exact day-by-day predictions, many people have made it a daily ritual to start the day by seeing the predictions. Serendipity, coincidence or accurate predictions, but when predictions come true, the confidence of the people grows, which makes other people believe in it too! With the options of instant sharing, commenting and discussing it in a common platform, people are gaining some guidance through astrologers, or other people going through the same challenges.
Interestingly, many people have also shown interest in learning Astrology. With more tutorials, self-learning books, online groups, the interest in learning astrology is on the rise. Along with astrology, other related predictions like Tarot Card reading, online crystal ball gazing is also increasing. Online astrologers also have grasped the correct style and manner to write the predictions and capture the attention of millions of readers. Even the most complex and delicate information is broken down into simpler fragments which can be easily understood by the youth today.

Many people across the globe have experienced a positive change by following the advice of expert astrologers who predicted that they faced challenging times, and asked them to wait for a better period to experience newer, positive changes and success in all their endeavors. The movement of the planets, moon and other celestial objects, along with eclipses and retrogrades, are calculated accurately. Many people are increasingly keen to know their future and prepare for it. For them, astrology offers a glimmer of hope as it has the potential to be a guiding force for their growth and development.