Astrology and Numerology

Many systems are used to predict the future. The popular among these are Astrology and Numerology. Both have been used for centuries. However, many are not aware of the connections between these two systems. Astrology looks at the position of the planets at the time of a native’s birth to seek information about their personality and spiritual journey. Numerology studies the meaning behind their birth number, after determining what it is.

The Connection Between Numerology And Astrology

The Difference between Astrology and Numerology

Between the two systems, there are some differences. Astrology studies the stars and planets and how they influence life on Earth. Numerology works with numbers and how they impact our lives. Both systems can help us to decide our fate and achieve self-awareness. Despite the apparent differences between the two systems, they make a good fit. Most people who believe in it regard Astrology as a science rather than art as it involves numbers and calculations. Since Numerology also deals with numbers, this creates a good synergy between the two systems.

Why Astrology and Numerology are Compatible

When analyzing a horoscope, angles, distance, degrees, and other mathematical calculations must be done to arrive at future predictions. It would be impossible to understand someone’s horoscope without using numbers, as many astrological factors depend on numbers for their interpretation. Thus, numbers play a crucial role as in Numerology. The same goes for Numerology. Most numerologists have some understanding of the planets as the planets are identified with specific numbers and their influences evoke comparisons with the influences of vibrational numbers. Thus, Numerology and Astrology make compatible partners, and knowledge in one field helps enhance one’s understanding of the other.

How Numerology was Born

The connection between these two systems can be traced back to the 6thcentury BC when the mathematician, Pythagoras of Samos, Greece, started using Numerology. He could be called the ‘godfather of numerology,’ but he also stumbled upon a deeper connection between stars and basic numbers. He was the first to discover the deeper meaning within numbers. He found that every number between 0 and 9 had a meaning and went on to create the system we now use for finding our “special numbers.” Numerology brings more profound meaning to numbers from 1 to 9, and the stars as well have a similar kind of purposes. When the two systems are combined, one can see how co-related they are. When an astrological reading for a person is compared with a numerological interpretation for the same person, they will match perfectly. Together, they will offer a more nuanced and complete reading.

Numbers and Astrology

It is true that Numerology does not require the use of Astrology to be understood, but the use of Astrology can enhance it. Besides, there is a connection between numbers and Astrology as each planet in the solar system has its number, something between 0 and 9. This also includes the Sun and the Moon. For example, the Sun is associated with the number 1, the Moon with 2, Jupiter with 3, Earth with 4, Mercury with 5, Venus with 6, Neptune with 7, Saturn with 8 and Mars with 9. The 12 zodiac signs too are linked to specific numbers. The number 9 is associated with Aries and Scorpio, 5 with Gemini and Virgo, 1 and 4 with Leo, 2 and 7 with Cancer, 6 with Libra and Taurus, 3 with Sagittarius and Pisces and 8 with Capricorn and Aquarius.

How Astrology and Numerology Work

Astrology uses a birth chart to seek information based on the position of the Stars, Planets, Sun and Moon. Geometrical patterns and calculations relating to the houses and signs in the birth chart are linked to specific numbers which help to arrive at the right predictions. In Numerology, numbers are given specific characteristics based on complex mathematical calculations derived from the birth date, month, and year. All these numbers are believed to emit some vibrations (both positive and negative), which helps decide the destiny of the person.

The connection between Astrology and Numerology

A key aspect common in both Astrology and Numerology is that the movement and position of the stars and planets are measured to time. Again, this includes numbers. The cycle in the Horoscopes follows a specific pattern for the houses. For instance, at the time of a person’s birth, it starts with the first house for the first year then goes to the 12th one instead of the 2nd one. Then it goes in descending order from 12th to 11th until it reaches the 2nd, which will be the last house. This will go on for 12 years, and begins again during the 13th year, in the same fashion.

Each house denotes specific things. For instance, the first house signifies things which are useful or valuable, looks and the impact of someone or something.

  • The 12th house denotes secrets and the subconscious
  • The 11th indicates helpfulness and materialistic development
  • The 10th house indicates career and reputation
  • The 9th denotes travel, spiritualism, and education
  • The 8th denotes inheritance and unplanned income sources
  • The 7th denotes relationships and 6th health, fitness, and work
  • The 5th house denotes love affairs, children, and pleasure
  • The 4th indicates household issues and properties.
  • The 3rd house indicates siblings, business, and exchange of information
  • The 2nd denotes wealth and source of income


In an earlier era, Astrology and Numerology were considered effective, but the advent of science following the Renaissance led to them being regarded as mumbo-jumbo and superstition. However, the fact is that Numerology and Astrology readings can be very accurate, precisely because there is a science behind them. We have seen how Astrology and Numerology are connected. This unique connection between the two systems can be used to predict the future as well as to describe the traits and personality of a person on a deep level. Both are useful tools, and when used together, make a formidable combination to help us find meaning in our lives and solutions to our problems.