During Solar Eclipse, the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. As a result, our view of the Sun is partially or completely obscured. In 2023, there will be 2 solar eclipses. The first solar eclipse is on 20 April 2023. A solar eclipse can affect people born under different zodiac signs in many ways. They can be positive or negative.

 First solar eclipse 2023: It is on Thursday, April 20. This eclipse may not be visible in India, but one can see it in other countries. It will occur from 7:04 AM to 12:29 PM.

A solar eclipse is an event that astrologers consider significant. It can impact the whole world.

 Astrological Significance of Grahan

In astrology, solar eclipses bring new beginnings and opportunities for change. They herald a new cycle or phase in our lives. Surya Grahan, the Indian word for it, is also a powerful time to set intentions and manifest goals.

 The eclipse’s astrological impact depends on the sign and house in which it occurs in a person’s birth chart, as well as the aspects it makes to other planets. Eclipses come with heightened energy and intensity. They bring major changes or shifts in life. If one is mindful and intentional during this time, one can achieve great personal growth and transformation.

 Why Do Temples Remain Closed During an Eclipse?

In Hinduism, eclipses are associated with negative energy and the malefic planets, Rahu and Ketu. This negative energy has a harmful effect on people’s health, spiritual practices, and sacred rituals.

A temple is a holy space where people worship God and priests perform religious rituals. When an eclipse occurs, its negative energy contaminates the temple and its surroundings. It is also believed to affect the deities and the rituals.

To avoid this, temples are closed during eclipses. People also follow certain practices to shield themselves from negative energy. Many remain indoors and avoid consuming anything during the eclipse period. Others perform some rituals to protect themselves and their families.

There are some practical reasons, too, for closing temples during an eclipse. In the ancient days, there was no electricity, and it would not have been easy to perform rituals and ceremonies in the darkness during a solar eclipse. It was also hard to maintain the purity of the temple as the negative energy of the eclipse contaminated the space.

Today, many see such practices as superstitious, but religious and cultural traditions still uphold them.

 Rules to follow During the Solar Eclipse in 2023

1. Do not gaze directly at the Sun during the eclipse. It can damage your eyes. Use proper solar filters or eclipse glasses that will protect your eyes.

2. Do not eat or drink anything during the eclipse period. The negative energy of the eclipse can contaminate food and water. This can make them harmful.

3. Do not engage in outdoor activities. The negative energy is stronger outside. So remain indoors and avoid exposure as much as possible.

4. It is better to avoid visiting temples and religious places during this time.

5. Take a bath after the eclipse is over to cleanse the body of negative energy.

6. If you wish, you can perform some rituals or prayers to protect yourself and your family from the negative energy. Recite Mantras, light diyas, or worship God.

 Precautions for Pregnant Women

1. Don’t look at the solar eclipse directly, as it may harm the eyes. Use proper solar filters or eclipse glasses if you wish to see it.

2. Remain indoors during the eclipse time, as the negative energy of the eclipse can harm the fetus.

3. Avoid sharp objects, like knives and scissors, during the eclipse period. They can cause birth defects in the baby.

4. Avoid using tools or appliances, like hammers or sewing machines.

5. Avoid consuming anything during the eclipse period. The negative energy of the eclipse can contaminate food and water, so consuming them can harm the baby.

6. Take a bath after the eclipse is over to cleanse the body of any negative energy.

 Effects of the Solar eclipse 2023 on the Zodiac Signs


Take precautions to protect your health, as you may feel anxious and frustrated. Eye or lower jaw problems are likely. There may be unforeseen expenses. Consultancy and communication-related businesses can do well. If you wish to leave the house or travel for work/business, you can be successful. Avoid taking out loans, and do not quit your job.


Health may deteriorate. Self-confidence may be less. Do not make any hasty decisions. There may be slander and financial loss. Try to maintain a record of your spending. Family harmony will be fine, despite emotional and physical issues. Children may be successful in their jobs.


Health may be excellent. But stress-related disorders and minor issues with the eyes, stomach, and lower back are likely. Be careful of your parents’ health. You may feel frustrated due to domestic issues. Some couples may be blessed with a child. There may be wealth loss and slander.


Wealth and advancement are likely. Long-standing property-related problems may be resolved. If there is an old property that you were not able to sell, you can sell it now and buy new property. You may also inherit ancestral property. Disputes with friends are likely. Family issues may make you tense. Avoid arguments with older siblings. Control your anger. Your brother-in-and-law’s health may cause concern.


Some health issues are possible. There may be discomfort in the stomach, lower back, eyes, or bones. Family issues may cause anger and stress. Be careful when dealing with neighbors, as some trouble is likely. Parents’ health may cause concern, especially the father’s. Singles may find their soul mates.


Stress, worry, and restlessness are possible. Family issues may be resolved during this time. Manage your expenses wisely. Job, business, and long-term investments can do well. There may be difficulties in new endeavors or religious activities. Spouse’s health may worry you. Small conflicts are possible in the partnership. Be patient if you are looking for a life partner.


Property-related issues may cause confusion. Stock market investments may offer modest gains. Couples may have a baby. Relationships with children may be good. Be careful during pregnancy to avoid stomach-related surgery. Digestive problems, gas, acid reflux, stress, or intestinal problems may bother you. Do not start a new career now. Your motivation may reduce. Domestic problems may make you feel trapped. Inherited property may present problems. Students may have a good time.


Be careful in business-related issues, especially when signing major documents. Property investments may be profitable. Property-related issues may be resolved. Curb your expenses. Partnership business may run into problems. You may become a victim of fraud. Do not borrow money. Speculation in the stock market may not bring gains. Long-term investments can be favorable.


You may defeat your enemy. There may be some new health issues. You may feel stressed due to your parents’ health, especially the mother’s. Younger siblings may meet their future spouses. Your kids may have trouble with their schoolwork. You may find a soulmate. Married natives may enjoy more intimacy.


You may worry about your child’s education. Younger siblings may have to wait to get married. Older siblings may have issues in marriage. Friendships may not be smooth. Delays are likely in new business endeavors. Think carefully before entering into any legal agreements. Finances may be good.


Your health may improve. If you were suffering from a strange illness, you might get relief now. Curb expenses. You could be concerned about your mother. Older siblings’ marriage plans may concretize. Those with heart problems need to be careful. Legal disputes involving property are possible. It is a good time to sell your old house. New investments may not bring gains.


There may be success and financial gain for you. Property-related issues may be resolved. You may buy a new home. You can invest in a car, property, or furnishings for your home now. New endeavors may be chaotic. Scrutinize all legal paperwork before signing. Parents’ health may see ups and downs. You may suffer from gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, and skin ailments. It’s not a favorable time for younger kids. There may be disputes with your neighbor.