‘OM’ Mantra is a very powerful, mystical, and holy sound.

 The scriptures claim that it has a special transcendental quality. The Vedas, Upanishads, Tantras, and the Yogic scriptures state that it is a primordial cosmic vibration that carries the seed of creation.

 Bhagavad Gita – ‘Om Tat Sat’ (Om is the essence of everything)

Mandukya Upanishad – ‘Om Sarvam Omkāra eva’‘(Truly, Everything is Om).

Patanjali – ‘Tasya vācakaḥ praṇava’ (He/God is signified by OM/Pranava )

 OM is the most important Beeja Mantra of all the Vedic and Tantrik mantras. Most Mantras begin with an Om.

 The special quality of the OM /AUM meditation sound

When we speak a word, the combined sound of all its letters determines how the word will sound. This corresponds to the vibrations produced in the vocal chord.

When chanting ‘Om’, something unique happens.

 Om has 3 syllables ‘A’, ‘U,’ and ‘M’. The correct way to chant is ‘AaaaaUuuuuuuuMmmmmmm’. The entire sound box vibrates when one chants AUM. This is because AUM encompasses the entire system involved in sound production. No other word can do that.

 Thus, AUM contains all the sounds and languages of the Universe.

 In Hinduism, Om is the name of God and is the “primordial sound.” Even before the material world existed, there was a natural humming energy that sounded like Om. It exists within us and around us and is called “Antar-naada”, or inner sound. One can hear it when one is at peace and pays heed to one’s inner self.

 “AUM” represents the 3 stages of consciousness (awake, dream, and deep sleep), the Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva), the 3 Vedas (Rig, Yajur, and Sama), and the 3 realms (Bhuh, Bhuva, and Suva), etc. “Om” is also popular as “Pranava,” which is “the symbol or sound by which God is worshipped.” It contains all Vedic literature. God chanted Om and Atha before he began to create the world.

 Spiritual Benefits of Chanting Om

As per ancient wisdom, there are many benefits of Om mantra chanting, even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day

 1.It purifies the mind, body, and soul

Chanting Om can generate powerful waves or vibrations inside and outside. These can remove toxic (hidden) energies on all planes of being; physical, mental, and spiritual.

 2. It attunes one to the flow of the Universe

It creates an inclination to do the right thing. One will make wise decisions quickly and intuitively.

 3. It invokes cosmic forces that transform the chanter

Once the purification process is complete, the energy vibrations of OM will enrich the chanter, who will feel a rush of strength, energy and vitality. The mind will become clear, serene, and creative. The soul experiences a rush of spiritual knowledge.

4. The chanter acquires self-knowledge

After the purification and transformation, the chanter achieves a deep realization of the inner self. They will recognize their real needs, talents, strength, and desires. This helps them to focus their energies in the right direction.

 5. Chanting Om makes one centered

The chanter becomes deeply centered and is able to hear the voice of his inner conscience clearly. They will be unmoved by the vagaries of the world.

 6. Superior execution skills

The chanter acquires better concentration and sharp focus as well as a stronger memory and retention ability. They will be able to perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

 7. It gives mental stability

Negative emotions like fear, doubt, anxiety, restlessness, greed, anger, and envy will disappear. Om Chanting also helps resolve depression and stress.

 8. It helps overcome addictions

Om mantra chanting and meditation helps control the mind. It can enable one to overcome addictions like smoking, drinking, etc.

 9. It increases one’s magnetism

Those who chant Om regularly develop attractive qualities. This gives them a magnetic appeal. Their patience, endurance, peaceful demeanor, enthusiasm, and clarity makes them inspiring to others.

 10. It gives one better manifestation abilities

People who chant Om daily are more connected to the divine. Hence, their wishes often come true quickly. The forces of the Universe will be in their favor.

 Some Amazing Scientific Benefits of Chanting Om

 1.Benefits learning, memory, spatial navigation

Scientific research has proved that OM chanting benefits students by improving their memory power and enhancing their academic retention. It does so by enhancing the theta (wave) amplitude in the brain.

 2.It reduces distractions, boosts mindfulness, awareness, and working memory

Om chanting enhances psychological functions and cognition. A study shows that it helped produce results in students related to sustained attention, concentration, and visual scanning. It also improved mental flexibility and speed of information processing.

 3. Increase in emotional empathy

A study found that OM chanting helps people develop emotional empathy by activating some of the relevant neural regions of the brain.

 4. Chanting Om can reduce the symptoms of depression

A study revealed that in those who chant Om regularly, there is significant limbic deactivation that helps overcome stress. It was also found to reduce the symptoms of depression.

 5. It protects one from harmful mobile phone radiation

Mobile phone radiation can have a negative effect on the brain’s cognition/hemodynamics. But chanting Om Mantra can protect people from these harmful electromagnetic radiations, according to scientific research.

.6. It improves pulmonary function and helps lose weight

Some scientific studies have revealed that combining Bhramari Pranayama and OM chanting improves pulmonary function and causes weight reduction.

 7. It makes the mind alert

One research finding says that the Om mantra can increase mental alertness.

 8. It protects the respiratory system

According to one study, chanting Om Mantra with normal inhalation, lengthened exhalation, and humming Om along with Bhramari pranayama is a good way to protect the respiratory system.