On this New Year Day, it is indeed a blessing in disguise to observe Ekadashi fasting to obtain the valuable blessings of Lord Vishnu. On this auspicious day, the Moon will be in the star Swati ruled by Rahu. The Moon is in conjunction with the house Lord Venus and is aspected by Mars.

The Star lord Rahu, will be in the sign Cancer, receiving aspect from Jupiter. This is a special day to get our mental stability and emotions right under control. This day is strongly influenced by Rahu, Jupiter, Venus and the Moon; this is the right day to connect with Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi seeking for abundance in life.

This is also an optimal day to remove illusionary thoughts and make use of all the opportunities to make Money.

Mantra to Chant on Utpanna Ekadasi:

“Om Naarayanaya Vidmahe
Vaasudevaaya Dimahi
Tanno Vishnu Prachodayath”

Things to Do On Ekadasi day (11th Moon)

  • Feed Cow.
  • Observe fasting, if your health permits. (Milk and fruits can be consumed)
  • Offer Flowers/ Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu.
  • Do not be harsh on fellow people.
  • Be helpful in whatever manner you can towards others.
  • Donate food to the needy, on the next day of Ekadashi (11th Lunar day)
  • Donate Raddish or any other Vegetable