Numbers play a huge role in your life. They come in early from the initial stages of gaining knowledge of finances and stay with you for a lifetime. But numbers can influence you much more than in a quantitative manner or expression of quantity. They can have a far-reaching effect and influence on your life and mark certain events based on their analysis.

Numerology: The Magic & Mystery

Numerology is a science of numbers, and its practice can profoundly affect your life as it can go deep into the mystical meanings, hidden energies and vibrations that can be derived from your name and date of birth. Numbers hold a world of excitement, and a certain mysterious aura about them can reveal many hidden and fascinating aspects of your life.

Numerology is based on the belief that the above aspects can reveal a lot of your emotions about behaviour patterns, traits, weaknesses and inborn skills, as well as events that are likely to occur.

How Does Numerology Define You?

As a rule, numerology is a total of the numbers that occur on your date of birth and corresponds numerologically with the alphabet of your name. Numbers form a database about the events that occur on specific dates, corresponding to months and years.

So, how does numerology work? It can predict your future, your personality and several other things. It uses specific techniques and calculations for analysis, including your Birth Date, Life Path Number, and Karmic Cycle Number, to name a few.

How Numerology Works

The numbers that numerology works with are from 1 to 9. There is a general belief that your Life Path Number can reveal a lot about you, your personality, and the challenges that may be present in your path. Numerology works with single-digit numbers that can help connect their vibrations to the traits you possess.

To find your Life Path Number, you must add the numbers of your birth date. The date, month and year are split up into individual numbers and added up. The total of these numbers, which can be double-digit numbers, is further split into individual numbers and added together again. This gives you a single-digit number, your Life Path Number, which can provide insight into your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

Vedic Numerology is a system of numerology whose most popular book is the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, written by Parashara, a great and renowned Vedic scholar, and is based on the Vedas, the most ancient scriptures. Vedic Numerology focuses on the relationship between numbers and the order of the Universe and its frequencies.

The Power of Numbers 

Number 1– This number is a primal force and denotes creation and beginning. It is associated with the Sun and embodies leadership, confidence, self-expression and high energy levels. Individuals linked with the number 1 are strong, independent and can display leadership qualities.

Number 2– This number is all-knowing, with its tact and diplomacy, underlying power and strength, and denotes contradictions and balance. Linked to the Moon, it influences the mind and emotions. Individuals under this number can create an ambience of equilibrium and inclusiveness, be mindful of others, and be good at resolving problems.

Number 3– This number represents creativity and growth. Individuals of this number are very bright and excellent communicators. This number is associated with Jupiter, the planet of expansion that encourages growth. Such individuals are influential in expression and are skilled in the creative arts.

Number 4– This number is the steadiest, all about foundation, sturdiness and structure. Individuals under this number are stable, strong, patient, dependable, productive, and conventional. This number is linked to Saturn, the planet of Karma and justice, and reflects discipline, responsibility, diligence and meticulous planning.

Number 5– This number is the most energetic and dynamic among numbers. It represents constant change and evolution. This number is considered one of the most influential numbers in numerology; it is connected to Mercury, the planet of communication. It is all about independence, flexibility and adaptability, curiosity, and openness to new experiences as they revel in adventurism.

Number 6– This number is like a caregiver, like a mother. It represents connections and harmony and is associated with Venus. The individuals connected with this number are nurturing, balancing and steadying situations. They are generous and giving by nature.

Number 7: This number embodies a philosopher, the thinker and seeker of the truth. It represents reflection and intuition. This number is associated with Neptune, a planet symbolising the psychic, spiritual and mystical aspects of life, with a deep understanding.

Number 8– This number is all about balance and power. It represents regeneration and is connected with the planet Saturn. Individuals under this number are unique and operate in an individualistic manner. They tend to be defiant and conventional in their thinking and behaviour and are naturally creative with great imagination but skilled in accumulating wealth.

Number 9– This number is the most powerful in numerology and denotes a conclusion. It is the most influential number associated with Mars, which embodies action and the tendency to help others. Individuals connected with this number are kind and caring. They are committed to making the world a better place and improving society with their global awareness.

How Does Numerology Benefit You?

Numerology can make a positive impact on your life. The concept can help you recognise your traits and maximise specific opportunities or prospects that work to your advantage. It can help enhance relationships by checking the compatibility levels between two individuals and predicting the possibilities and outcomes of the relationship.

Numerology can delve into your personality and help tap your hidden potential, talents, strengths and weaknesses. The knowledge that numerology imparts can guide you and help you gauge what lies ahead, the ups and downs, the challenges and opportunities.